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Sharjah is the third-largest and populous city of the United Arab Emirates. It is visited by thousands of travelers due to its cultural annexing. You can get cheap flights to Sharjah from any corner of the world and by booking online at Myholidys. The city is known to be the capital of the Emirates of Sharjah and is considered the suburb of Dubai. Sharjah shares all types of cultural and political relationships with the other regions of the Emirates.  

Sharjah is named as a “Healthy City” by the World Health Organization. The best time to book a flight with the cheapest Sharjah airfare is between October and February. Usually the temperature this time is cold, you may need a jacket or sweater. If you want to enjoy the beaches, then it is good to plan your visit in October.  

Book your flight tickets 45 days before the departure date for saving the best on your travel expenses. At Myholidays there are thousands of flights and airlines available to choose from and book Sharjah flights with the best service provider.   

Best Time to Fly

The best time to book the cheapest airfares to Sharjah is between October and February. Usually the temperature this time is cold, you may need a jacket or sweater. If you want to enjoy the beaches, then it is good to plan your visit in October.

Top 5 Attractions in Sharjah

  1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: If you want to dive into the roots of Islamic and Arab culture. It exhibits several religious and scientific manuscripts. It houses a collection of Islamic craft and arts from the 19th century. It also features some notable exhibits of pottery, clay, and glass, as well as metallic handicrafts, decorated with gold, silver, and a wide collection of astrolabes.
    Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization also holds items including a coin collection of silver dirhams and dinars.
  2. Sharjah Arts Museum: It is one of the largest museums in the United Arab Emirates. Housed in Bait Al Serkal and Al Shuwaihiyeen area, it displays the collection of artworks of local artists and international artists including HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi. The museum has 2 stories, a basement car park, and a roof deck. The state-of-the-art museum is built on international art museum standards. Sharjah Art Museum also organizes exchange exhibitions and other type of cultural establishments.
  3. Sharjah Heritage Area: This place is a combination of various museums including the Sharjah Heritage Museum, the Bait Al Naboodah, and the Calligraphy Museum. It is a great place to get to know about the traditional Emirati culture and the life of the people of the city before the oil boom.
    It also has a good number of traditional souk such as Souk Al Arsah which is the largest open courtyard souk restored in traditional style. Ii has an abundance of shops featuring wooden and silver handicrafts, jewelry, beauty products, and traditional garments.
  4. Sharjah Fort: Also called as Al Hisn in Arabic, Sharjah Fort was built 200 years ago at the corner of the Heritage District. It has set out as the traditional residence of the ruling family of Sharjah and a defensive facility for the city. The room of the fort displays traces of the history of the city and the exhibits painstaking restoration of the building.
  5. Sharjah Aquarium and Maritime Museum: The museum is truly a world of wonder. Situated in Al Khan it is one of the largest educational centers in the United Arab Emirates. Managed by the Sharjah Museums Authority, it comprises of 20 aquariums on two floors and houses a variety of sea animals. It has over150 marine species including docile reef sharks, moray eels, seahorse, clownfish, and more. It also gives you an enlightening experience to discover the habitats of marine animals.

Best Outdoor Activities:

  1. Canoeing and Kayaking: Canoeing is one of the best water sports in Sharjah. Canoe refers to a narrowboat in which sports enthusiasts can enjoy canoeing through the ocean water. This water sport includes paddling through the shallow water which is quite fun. Similarly, in kayaking people need to paddle using a double blade. Enjoy good time kayaking and exploring the warm waters of the Al Mamzaar Lagoons.
  2. Windsurfing and water skiing: These two sports are some of the most popular outdoor activities in Sharjah. You will find certified trainers at the beach only who will help you to learn some of the best water sports in the city.
  3. Banana and Donut Ride: Banana rides and Donut rides are some of the must-try water sports in the city. With cheap flights to Sharjah, experience the adrenaline rush of the adventurous water-filled excitement rides. You can also enjoy the colors of the sea and take the pleasure of fun and laugh-filled activities.
  4. Parasailing: Also known as parascending, Parasailing is a thrilling experience in Sharjah. Apart from parasailing, there are some other water sports activities such as beach sports like beach tennis and beach volleyball.
  5. Swimming: Sharjah offers facilities like changing rooms and showers so that people can enjoy swimming in the sea. Certified lifeguards are available on the beaches for the safety of the swimmers.

How to Reach

Sharjah International Airport is the main airport of Sharjah which is well connected to the prominent destinations in West Asia, parts of Europe and the Middle East. The airport caters to cities Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, India, Egypt, UK, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran and more. The major airlines flying to Sharjah are Emirate, Air India, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Jet Airways.

How to Get Around

Sharjah has a well-developed road network linking to other areas of Emirates. Taxis are available at the designated taxi stands or can be easily booked on call. Traveling within Sharjah will cost you between 12 Dhiram to 45 Dhiram. The trip starting from Sharjah International Airport may charge 20 Dhiram extra. Other popular alternatives are Careem and Uber, you can hail any using app. Fares will be calculated on a few factors such as demand, distance, and time.

Mowasalat operates bus service around the city. A single ride will cost you 6 Dhiram which can be paid using a Sayer smart card or cash.

You can rent a car too if you want to explore the city on your own. The rent starts at 200 Dhiram per day. The car rental companies ask for a valid driving license, credit card, and an original passport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How far is Sharjah to Dubai?
1) The distance from Sharjah to Dubai is almost 24 miles or 39 kilometers
Q2. How many airports does Sharjah Aiport have?
2) Sharjah Airport has 5 cargo terminals, one is used for charter operations, terminal two is the cargo hub of Lufthansa, the third terminal is used for flight forwarders, the fourth terminal is for customs and imports, and terminal five is used for scheduled operations.
Q3. Which is the largest airport in the United Arab Emirates?
3) Dubai International Airport is the largest airport in the United Arab Emirates.
Q4. What are the popular tourist attractions in Sharjah?
4) Listed below are some of the famous tourist attractions in the city:
  1. Central Market
  2. Al Noor Island
  3. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
  4. Sharjah Heritage Area
  5. Sharjah Aquarium and Maritime Museum
  6. Souk Al-Jubail

Q5. Name some of the family-friendly beaches in the city?
5) Some of the stunning family-friendly beaches in Sharjah are:
  1. Lou Lou’a Beach
  2. AL Khan Beach
  3. Ajman Beach
  4. AL Corniche Beach
  5. Ajman Beachm

Q6. What is Sharjah popular for?
6) Sharjah is popular for its astounding architecture and amazing art and culture. It is known as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates.
Q7. What is the best time to visit Sharjah?
7) The best time to book flight tickets to Sharjah is between December and February when the weather is enough pleasant.