Pattaya, a city of dazzling nightlife, music, and fun, is way more than it seems. Where every visitor in the city is just too enthralled by its exciting beauty, there are many other things to do in Pattaya, turning your holiday into a crazy vacation. The scheduled beaches, gastronomy, sightseeing tours, and every shopping paradise in the city offer you a unique and memorable experience that is worth your time. So, if you are ready to indulge in some extreme fun and thrill, check out these amazing things you can do in Pattaya.

Top 8 Fun Things To Do In Pattaya That You Cannot Miss On Your Holiday

Create a fun list of some amazing activities that you want to try on your vacation. Pattaya, with its diverse beauty and magnificent panorama, has always enthralled travelers, but when it comes to getting engaged with some activity, we have the best for you. Here are the top fun things that will make your vacation in Pattaya a memory for a lifetime.

1. Water Adventure at Coral Island

Water Adventure at Coral Island

What if your beach holiday is more than just leisure. Well, Coral Island is the most exciting place where you can enjoy the best adventure activities in Pattaya. The white sand and deep blue waters of the sea have made Coral Island the most famous attraction for all.

Nestled always from the hustle-bustle of the city, the island is a serene and peaceful gateway. People love visiting Coral Island or, as they call, Koh Larn island to relax at the beachfront resort. Apart from getting the tan, the best thing you can do on the island is glass-bottom boat rides or diving, snorkeling, swimming, skiing, paddle boating, and surfing. The lazy souls can head off to the lounges and cafes to grab the quick delighting bites, while the crazy adrenaline junkies can go off their limits with some water adventure.

Location: Koh Larn, T.Na-klua, Banglamung, Ko Larn, Chon Buri Province

Timings: The ferry to Coral Island starts at 7 am

Famous for: Surging and Boat rides

2. Spiritual Experience at Wat Phra Khao Yai- “Big Buddha Hill”

Spiritual Experience at Wat Phra Khao Yai- “Big Buddha Hill

Wat Phra Khao Yai or also known as the Big Buddha Hill is the most popular tourist attraction in Pattaya. Discovering the culture of Buddhism and seeking spirituality can be one of the fun things to do in Pattaya. The Bud Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in the region that is measured to be 18 meters tall. The temple was built back in the 1940s and today is a hot spot. The intricate design and the splendid architecture have made it so popular among travelers. People come here to discover the excellence of art and pray for the well-being of their loved ones.

The Big Buddha Hill is the cultural highlight in Pattaya where you can discover a lot about tradition, religion, and heritage. The place holds significance in the life of every locale living there.

Location: Phratamnak Hill, Pattaya

Timings: Every day from 06:30 am to 05:00 pm

Famous for: Religious and Spiritual experience

3. A Day At Ramayana Water Park

A Day At Ramayana Water Park

The largest waterpark, Ramayana Water Park has every fun and exciting thing to do in Thailand. In Pattaya, if you are looking for some light adventure and thrill that will make your vacation more exciting then you must get your tickets to a waterpark. There are many amusements park for adventure in Pattaya but choosing the best for the rest, Ramayana water park is the largest and popular place for fun.

Built on an area of 184,000sqm area, the waterpark has more than 50 slides, a lagoon, high-speed slides, a dual-wave machine pool, a double FlowRider, a teen activity pool, and so more. The waterpark has special rides for kids and adults making it a fun place for all. What makes the waterpark safe is clear water and sun filtration to avoid any kind of skin-related issue or health problems.

Location: 9 Moo 7, 7km off Sukhumvit Road, Na Jomtien

Timings: Every day from 10:00 am to 06:30 pm

Famous for: Water adventures

Entry Fees: starting from 680 THB

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4. Living The Nightlife of Pattaya at Walking Street

Living The Nightlife of Pattaya at Walking Street

Nightlife in Pattaya is the main attraction for tourists. Nightlife here is not just bound to clubs and bar, but the markets and shopping activities in Pattaya also defines it vibrant style. Walking street is among the top places where you can spend an evening with your friends. It is the biggest and the busiest marketplace where there are clubs, restaurants, bars, and shopping complexes to entertain you. You can also get some thai massage as the marker has a dense number of sauna and spa centers in the city.

The place is heavily crowded with tourists and evenings are all about chaos and rush. You may find a handful of cafes open during the daytime, but the street comes alive only during the evening hours.

Location: Soi Muban S.T. Land & House, Pattaya, Chon Buri Province 20150

Timings: Every day from 04:00 pm to 02:00 am

Famous for: Nightlife, Food

5. Shopping In Pattaya From The Famous Floating Market

Shopping In Pattaya From The Famous Floating Market

Shoppers will find a number of malls in Thailand for some high-end shopping experience. But what can be one of the most exciting things to do in Pattaya, Thailand is to explore the floating markets. Pattaya is a hub for shoppers where they will find old, big, fancy marketplaces. Adding more spice to your experience, you can always plan a tour to one of the best floating markets in the city.

Even if you are not planning to buy something, you can simply get a boat and sail along to discover a unique and fascinating shopping market in Pattaya. There are shops set on traditional boats that are sailing constantly from one shore to another. Some of the stalls are set permanently along the banks.

Location: 451/304 Sukhumvit Road, Jomtien

Timings: Every day from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Famous for: Nightlife, Food, Shopping

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6. Pattaya Zipline at Park Tower

Pattaya Zipline at Park Tower

It is the magnificent beauty of Pattaya that makes it one of the best places to visit in Thailand. Adding on to the beauty and bliss, adventures like zip lining makes the city so popular among the tourists. From experiencing the adrenaline rush to observing the 350-degree view of the landscape, Ziplining is one adventure that will offer you a lifetime experience. You are suspended on a cable at an inclined angle and pulled through the pulley by gravity force. Well, as amazing as it sounds, it is more fun to experience.

The best ziplining activity in Pattaya is organized at the park tower. The greenery and beauty of the park make it the best place for your adventure and fun. The Park tower also offers adventure like cable rides or some best restaurants for families to dine in.

Location: Jomtien Beach, 20150, Chonburi Province

Timings: N/A

Famous for: Adventure

Price: 400 baht

7. Unwind In The Beauty of Paradise Island, Koh Samet

Unwind In The Beauty of Paradise Island, Koh Samet

Beaches in Thailand are a highlight for the tourist whether they are looking for some fun, thrill, or just leisure. Koh Samet is the best escape for every relaxing and adventure activity in Pattaya you want to enjoy during your holidays.

From soaking in the sun to stepping on the sea for some real thrill Koh Samet is called Paradise Island for a reason. There are luxury hotels and boutique cafes, luxuriating ferry rides, and a lot of adventure that can mend your holiday mood, the way you want. For the one who is looking for a cozy spot to relax, the beach has colorful umbrellas and benches. While adventure seekers can get in their swimsuit and dive to discover marine beauty.

Location: Koh Samet Island, Thailand

Timings: The first ferry leaves at 08:30 am

Famous for: Beach tour, adventure

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8. Culinary Experience

Culinary Experience

It is Thai food that has made Pattaya the best place to visit in Aisa. Being a city with many exotic beaches and islands, the seafood of Pattaya is exceptional and too delighting to be missed. While you are busy discovering the art and culture of this fascinating destination, you can try exploring some of the local cafes for some fun activities to do in Pattaya.

Some of the best-picked dishes include Pla Po that is a famous fish dish cooked with lemongrass. The other dishes from the menu include Moon Ping- a slice of grilled pork, Thai style noodle for every tourist, Som Tum- an exotic salad with dried seafood, chili, and more. When you are at the beaches, you can try the freshly prepared fish in an authentic Thai style to satisfy your taste buds.

Location: Jeto Restaurant, Leng Kee Restaurant, Flying Vegetables Restaurant Pattaya, Boat Bakery

Timings: Consult the respective restaurant

Famous for: Authentic Thai food

Pattaya is a happening and the most charismatic destination you would love to explore. This little city in Thailand is a hub for vacationers and honeymooners who are looking out for more fun and the best food. There are many adventurous and entertaining things to do in Pattaya that would spice up your vacation with a tinge of fun and thrill. There are many flights to Thailand served by global airlines making it a bit easier to reach your destination from any corner of the world. So why the delay? Pack your bags and head off to Pattaya for the best experience.


Q1. What are the best beach activities to do in Pattaya?

Beaches in Pattaya are best for adventures such as:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Glass bottom boat ride
  • Kitesurfing
  • Snorkeling
Q2. What are the best adventures I can try in Pattaya?

The top adventures in Pattaya are:

  • Pattaya zipline
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Rocket Ball Ride
  • Flyboarding
  • Waterpark rides
Q3. How can I enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya?

Nightlife in Pattaya is the most exciting experience. You can visit the night markets, join some beach party or go out clubbing with your friends.

Q4. Which are the best places for sightseeing in Pattaya?

If you are planning a sightseeing tour in Pattaya, the best places are:

  • Big Buddha Hill
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Walking Street
Q5. Why is Pattaya so famous?

Pattaya is famous for its scenic beauty and lively vibes. The city offers every adventure and fun you need on your holiday.

Q6. What is the best time to visit Pattaya for beach tours?

The months from November to April are best for your holiday in Pattaya when you can explore the beaches and do some amazing adventures.

Q7. How can I spend a leisure day in Pattaya?

The best way to spend a day in Pattaya is by getting a Thai massage or shopping from the malls and markets.

Q8. Which is the best food in Pattaya?

The best food you can try in Pattaya is Tai noodles. The cuisine is simply made with chicken and sticky rice that is served with some sauces.