Al Khor was once famous for the pearling industry, and today the city is thriving as a major attraction for tourist. The city with the most enthralling attractions has lured the travelers to explore its cultural sight, but with the best shopping places in Al Khor, there is a lot to add on for your travel plan. While the Al Khor city is blessed with vintage tones and the beauty of ruins, the malls and shopping places add on an urbanized touch to its essence. Today you can explore several global brands and grab the most exclusive souvenir from the holidays.

Best 3 Al Khor Shopping Destinations For Your Vacay

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The mall of Al Khor is one of the largest and the first mall in the city luring the travelers with the global brand outlets. Sprawling to an area of 55,016.67 sq meters, the mall caters the need of every visitor offering products from fashion, household accessories, grocery and cosmetics. Built with an Arabic touch of architecture and modern technology, this stands as a specular attraction for entertainment and fun.

The LuLu Group International own this magnificent mall where you can explore the best 100 outlets and more Al Khor Mall Shops to fill up your bags. While this shopping complex has a wide array of global labels, the entertainment zone is the best feature added to your experience apart from shopping. The plethora of entertainment activities with food joints, multiplexes and kids' section had made the Al Khor Mall, the best shopping place in the Al Khor city.

What makes it so popular among the localities is its vast parking area that can allot space to more than 1,000 cars at a time. Even the location adds on more to its popularity as the mall sits near to the major attractions of the city offering you a complete list of best places to visit in Al Khor.

Let's explore this fantastic place before listing out the souvenirs you are willing to buy from your holidays.

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1. A Short Guide On Al Khor Mall Shops

Al Khor Mall Shops
Al Khor Mall Shops

An excellent place for families with kids and the fashion maniacs as the Al Khor mall is among the largest shopping complexes in the city. The shops here are not only about the essential amenities as the hundreds of outlets here exhibit everything from the everyday fashion, the designer labels, the global brands and yes, the exclusive accessories. While Al Khor draws tourists for cultural and natural attraction, this best shopping place in Al Khor is the one-stop for a leisurely experience. Explore the collection at Lulu Hypermarket at first floor of mall that offers the shopping experience in Qatar.

Fashion outlets in Al Khor Mall

Buy the unique style that compliments your style with the upgraded fashion outfits and accessory from the mall. It is the top-notch brands and the most trending apparels the Al Khor Mall, one of the most crowded shopping attractions in the city. The option ranges from tradition outfits, the mother and child care, the footwear and accessories like bags, watches, sunglasses and more. Every brand here offers an exclusive Al Khor shopping experience where you can find the timeless fashion in the classic collection.   Don't miss out the jewelry collection picked from the best names ranking in Asia. The authentic designs and the precious gems steal the sight every shopper here.

The Cosmetic Collection

With the products for your daily use, haircare, skincare and other cosmetic products, Al Khor Mall house the best names when it comes to cosmetics. From the perfumes to body shop items, the collection includes everything you need to complement your styling sense and enhance the everyday look. Check out the wide range of products that offers authenticity, quality and is worth your money.

Al Khor Mall Shops For Gifts And Accessories

Whether you are searching out for souvenirs or some home decor items, gifts for yourself or just an extra to fill up the bag, Al Khor Mall offers a massive list of gifts items you can take back home. The commercial space for watches and sunglasses, bags, flowers and electronics add on more to the shoppers' list where you can grab the most exquisite piece of art as your memory from Qatar.


Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

2. Safari Hypermarket For Your Everyday Need

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The Safari Hypermarket is one of the best shopping places in Al Khor that is catering to the need of every visitors. Ranging from personal accessories, home decor, fashion and kids care, the mall has an array of products for every sector and individual. With the global brands and the quality product, the mall has raised the standard of shopping in Al Khor.

Established by the Safari Group of Company, the mall focuses on every need of people in Qatar, from grocery to the luxury accessories. The world-class facility and the service that includes a vast parking area, food court, counters, and retail space for outlets make the Safari Hypermarket an ideal family shopping attraction in the city of Al Khor. The entire area has been fostered as Safari umbrella where one can find a vast shopping collection for fashion and home and utility. So, the market is not limiting its fame to shopping, but it adds more to your holiday experience.

On an area of 193,000 square feet, the Safari Hypermarket in Al Khor houses several affordable shopping options making where one can meet quality under budget. Managed by the professional staff, assistance, and service here can be expected at its best.

Shops in Al Khor Safari Hypermarket

Choose and get the best you need for your home or family from the best shops set in Safar hypermarket. While clothing and apparels here are not included for quality shopping, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and a wide range of electronics can be your option while shopping here in the best commercial mall. Check out what the Safari hypermarket brings for your list in Al Khor.

The Body Care Collection

Shop everything you need, to take care of your skin and hygiene from Safari hypermarket that offers all value product in cosmetic and baby care. The array of items here are from famous brands renowned for their quality. The collection includes everything for skincare, haircare, basic hygiene, dental care and more. The personalized items for both male and female are available here with online shopping option as well.

The Home utility products

Shop for your items of daily utility that includes grocery, home cleaner items, home living items and more to style up your living standard. Keeping the needs of every individual in mind, there are fresh meat and fruits available for your kitchen. Discover the stylish home decor that you can use to fashion up your interior or kitchen accessories.

The quality electronics for your house

Electronics in Safari Hypermarket Al Khor mall is another item of utility that has been added to the shopper's list. From mobiles, laptops, camera, gaming, kitchen appliance, home appliance and more, there is a complete list of malls that can spice up your house with new technology.

Timings: All Week- 7:30am to 12am

Listed among the best shopping destination in Qatar, the Ansar Gallery, Al-Khor offers a comprehensive collection of products to meet the need of every individual or visitor. The mall was opened on June 26, 2014, and since then this has been a highlight when it comes to shopping. There are the best shops or fashion outlets that offer a wide range of products for your fashion need, house and lifestyle. Keeping the quality in mind, the Ansar Galler has listed item for every budget, making it a one-stop destination for shopping in Al Khor.

The Ansar group of Companies, founder of Ansar Gallery, has established this major shopping destination in Al Khor bringing up a complete tailored list that meets the need of the market. Following the trend, everything you find here in the collection is not just trendy but meets the global demand in terms of quality with fashion. Discover the local style, the international brands and other miscellanies that includes electronics, home decor and other cosmetics items for all. Don't miss out the Arabic fashion and other locally crafted items they display for the tourists.

Ansar Gallery has listed everything you need for the best shopping in Al Khor. There are items listed for kids, ladies, men and your household needs, bringing everything under one roof. Dealing with huge demand, the gallery is majorly a shopper's paradise where your every desire is fulfilled.

From kids to adults, Ansar Gallery has the best outlets featuring the brands and local shops. One can buy outfits of Arabic fashion, bags, watches, kid's clothes and accessories to complement their style. This is the place where quality remains the priority; therefore, every price you pay has a value. Check out the footwear section, the perfumes and cosmetics that are the most needed products when it comes to fashion shopping.

The home decore collection

Glam up your home interior with the best range of product available at the best Al Khor Mall shop at Ansar Gallery. The collection here includes everything from the furniture, Linens, carpets, fancy lights and more that can help you in redecorating the entire house. Look out for the best product that can style up the aura of your home in a traditional and chic way.  


  • Saturday to Wednesday from 08:00 am to 11:30 pm
  • Thursday 08:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • Friday 08:00 am to 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm

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While Al Khor city us a heavenly destination with the most vintage aura and history, shopping here is equally exciting. As you plan your holiday in Qatar, add this fascinating city and explore more of the offbeat places and marketplaces that can be among the best shopping places in Al Khor. The Al Khor Mall is one of the perfect stops for shopaholics in Qatar, where they can find a massive collection of items to buy. The city lies close to Doha and can be reached easily via the public and private transports from the international airport where major flights to Qatar arrives.  


Q1. What are the best places for shopping in Al Khor?

The Al Khor Mall is the only place where you can get a huge variety of items in Al Khor.

Q2. Where is Al Khor Mall located?

The Al Khor mall is located at the Al Khor Coastal Road. The mall is ideally nestled close to the major attraction of the city.

Q3. What are the entertainment offered in Al Khor Mall?

The Al Khor mall offers the best entertainment activities like:

  • Movie in Multiplex
  • Dining at the most prominent food court
  • Kids playing area with games and rides
Q4. How to reach Al Khor Mall?

Al Khor is 50-60 km from Doha, that can be easily reached via private cabs or taxis. It will take around 50 min to get if you drive from the Doha City Center.

Q5. What are the best things to do in Al Khor?

The best things you can try in Al Khor are:

  • Visit Al Khor Park
  • Explore the Purple Island
  • Spend a day at Angry Birds World, the amusement park in Al Khor
  • Enjoy a beach day at Al Thakhira beach
  • Shop from the famous Al Khor Mall
Q6. What are the dining options in Al Khor Mall?

The Al Khor Mall houses cafes and restaurants that offer the best dining experience. There are coffee shops, sweet corners and fast-food joints that serves burger, fries and other quick bites.

Q7. What are the timings for Al Khor Mall?

The malls open from 10:am t0 11:pm every day. The timings for retail corners and other Al Khor Shops may vary.

Q8. What are the best things to buy at Al Khor Mall?

Al Khor Mall offers every essential item of utility. You can shop for products like:

  • Watches
  • Sun Glasses
  • Electronics
  • Jewlery
  • Cosmetics
Q9. When was Ansar Gallery opened in Al Khor?

The Ansar Gallery was opened in June 26th 2014 by the Ansar group of companies. The Gallery offers a great shopping place for buying perfumes, accessories, Arabic fashion, home decors and more.

Q10. What all items are available at Safari Hypermarket?

The Safari Hypermarket offers wide range of products like:

  • Home décor
  • Electronics
  • Food and Grocery
  • Health and Hygiene with Body care products
Q11. When was Lulu Hypermarket introduced in Al Khor?

The Lulu Hypermarket was opened on 7th July, 2012 at Al Khor Mall by LULU group that added 200,000 sq. ft. of space for an International standard experience. The group also manages the entire Al Khor mall.

Q12. What are the timings got Lulu Hypermarket?

The timings for Lulu Hypermarket are:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 08:00 AM TO 11:45 PM
  • Friday: 08:00 AM TO 11:00 AM & 12:15 AM TO 11:45 AM