The festive season has arrived in Qatar, with international feasts and events taking place in the capital city. Such colorful events in the country are the best for understanding the culture, lifestyle, food, tradition, and more. Moreover, it offers an incredible opportunity to gel up with the locals and be a part of festivities and gaieties. Qatar Balloon Festival 2023 is one of the most significant events that bring the joy of capturing the magnificent beauty of Doha from a bird's eye view. This year the fest will be hosted from 19th to 28th January, 2023; flooding the sky with vibrant and illuminated hot air balloons.

Qatar Balloon Festival 2023: Experience the Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Ride

The third edition of the Qatar Balloon festival 2023 are will go on for 10 days. There will be 50 balloons participating from different parts of the world like, Lithuania, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, France, Turkey, UK, Brazil, the USA, Germany, Belgium. Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and Qatar. It is one of the most vibrant festivals in Qatar making people to get together and not just enjoy the enchanting views but also experience the thrilling hot air balloon ride. There will be 4 different kinds of events during the festival which is an incredible way to assist more people to step out and live this unique experience that too as per their preference.

Qatar Balloon Festival 2023: Colorful Events During the Glam Fest

Entertainment Options To Enjoy During Hot Air Balloon Doha Festival

The organizers have planned several exciting and engaging activities for the visitors to make the festival more happening and joyous. There will be four major events during the festival that are associated with hot air balloon flights, mass launches, entertainment and more.

1. Sunrise Balloon Launches

There will be three takeoff points for the balloon launches. There will be an update from the organizers about the exact location and time of the launch. Those who want to see something magical during the sunrise will be glad to know that there will be 50 hot air balloons floating in the sky. The sunrise balloon launch in Qatar is one of the most unique events and the best time to make your experience exceptional. You can also ride the hot air balloon during the launch for at least 30 – 45 minutes.

2. Tethered Flights

If you are an adventure seeker, then this part of the festival will excite you the most. During the Balloon Festival in Qatar, you will be able to not only photograph but also ride a hot air balloon that has been professionally tied and secured to the ground. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a scenic view of the area from the balloon as it floats at a high altitude, safe in the knowledge that it is tethered to the ground.

3. Nightglow

Experience a couple of days or more of the illuminated balloons after the sun sets. This part of the 10-day balloon festival is one of the most iconic views that mustn't be missed if you are in the city of Doha. All balloons will be stacked with one another on the ground, while their pilots will make sure that they are glowing in the dark. You can munch on the snacks while sitting near this glamorous view.

4. Entertainment

Did you think there would be no music and dance at Qatar’s balloon festival? All the artists are ready to dazzle the 10 days of the festival with several stage-breaking performances. In order to entertain you and improve your entire festival experience, performers such as singers, music bands or groups, dancers, magicians, DJs, violinists, mascots, and jugglers have been organized.

Qatar Balloon Festival 2023: Treat for the Little Ones

Qatar Balloon Festival 2023

There will a large number of younger crowds wandering in the premises and getting mesmerized with the beautiful view. There is a special arrangement for them to indulge in some exciting games and other activities.

1. Play ground

There will be a separate section for children to use their stored energy on various activities. The organizers of the Balloon Festival in Qatar 2023 have made sure that there is a wide range of different things for children to indulge in, like carnival games, team games, human football, football darts, VR games, electronic games, themed jumping houses, and slides. This is the best way for children to get a complete understanding of the festival.

2. Eateries

If you are a foodie with a knack for adventure, then you are in for a sweet treat. The Qatar balloon festival will feature a massive section with several kiosks and food trucks serving delectable food to enjoy while watching the events. Don't forget to try different snacks and other items for a gastronomic experience.

Additional information

Location: Old Doha Port, External Green Area, and Behind Grand Terminal

Working hours: 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Balloon ride ticket price: QAR 499

So, if you feel like indulging in something different but a lot of fun, plan a holiday during the Qatar balloon festival in 2023. The 10-day festival will set you up for a long time with a never-ending list of magical moments and memories to reminisce about. Be it the sunrise launch of 50 hot air balloons, the snacked-up balloons glowing after the sun sets, or touching the sky on the balloons; the festival is an amazing time to spend with your family and friends. Do not forget to try the different snacks available at the kiosks and food trucks with in the premises.


Q1. When is the balloon festival in Qatar?

The third edition of Qatar's Hot Air Balloon Festival will take place from January 19th to January 28th, 2023. There will be different events associated with hot air balloons and 50 of such balloons from all over the world are participating in this festival.

Q2. What additional programs are there during the hot air balloon festival in Doha?

During the Hot Air Balloon fest, there will be cultural shows with dancers, musicians, and DJs in Aspire Park. For kids, a special playground and entertainment area. They can enjoy carnival games, team games, human football, football darts, VR games, electronic games, themed jumping houses, and slides.

Q3. Where can I get my ticket for a Hot air balloon ride in Qatar?

The general entry is free for all during the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Qatar. The tickets for the hot air balloon ride will available between 2nd January, 2023 and 10th March, 2023 for a subsidized price of QAR 499 per person.

Q4. What are the timings for the hot air balloon festival in Doha?

The hot air balloon fest will start early in the morning and will end late at night. There will be hours scheduled as Sunrise Balloon Launch and Nightglow to enjoy early and late-night flights. The cultural show will start from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Q5. What is special about the Sunrise Balloon launch event?

The event is one of the highlights of the Balloon Festival. There will be 50 balloons from all over the world that will be launched in the sky during the sunrise from either or all the three locations in Qatar.