Nightlife in Al Khor can be a fascinating thing to enjoy for your holiday. With the cafes and restaurants or shopping malls, Al Khor city offers the best options to spend a leisure evening with your family. While the city is all known for the history and the cultural sites, there are places where you can observe the vibrancy and an elegant lifestyle of people. While there is nothing to fancy about, but still, Al Khor has got it all that can turn your spare time to the most memorable evening for the vacation.

Places to Enjoy Nightlife In Al Khor Qatar

For your holiday in Al Khor Qatar, you can plan your evening to enjoying the most relishing snacks or admiring the serenity around the beaches. Well, if you are staying at the best resorts and hotels in Al Khor, you can enjoy private time. Or else here are some of the best places that you can add on to your list of attraction for experiencing the best nighlife in Al Khor, Qatar.

1. Al Khor Corniche

Al Khor Corniche has always been the best place for family gathering and strolling around to admire the sunset. There are many restaurants and boutique cafes to grab a bite of your favorite snack or get a refreshing drink.

2. Bayclub Cafeteria

Bayclub Cafeteria is known for its friendly environment and cosy space where you could spend a leisure evening. The café in Al Khor has the best menu listing all your after-hour snacks and mocktails to end the day with a relishing taste. After a long tiring day, Bayclub can be your spot to enjoy the vibes of best café and night club in Al Khor.

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3. Shanghai Garden, Al Khor

Listed among the best restaurants in Al Khor, Shanghai Garden can be your place to enjoy the most energetic nightlife in the city. This is one of the finest eateries that serves a complete Chinese platter with all your complimentary drinks for the evening.

Plan your nightlife in Al Khor exploring the beaches for a sunset view or the cafes and restaurant to relish the delighting zest. Al Khor city is the oldest town and houses the most ancient attraction that preserves the history of Qatar. Here these cafes and entertainment centers act as an icing on the cake to lend a distinct touch of beauty and make your leisure time, the most memorable moment for the day. You can book your flights to Qatar, and from the Hamad International Airport, there are various transportation means available for an easy commute.


Q1. What are the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Al Khor?

For an enthralling nightlife experience in Al Khor, you can stroll around the Al Khor Corniche and pick your best fast food from the nearby stalls.

Q2. Is there any night club in Al Khor Qatar?

Al Khor City in Qatar is among the most decently nestled town where there are restaurants and cafes but no night clubs. Being one of the most cultural cities of Qatar, Al Khor is known for the historical places and ancient sites to explore.

Q3. What are the best dining restaurants in Al Khor?

For a complete family dining, the best restaurants in Al Khor are:

  • Shawkah Afandi Restaurant
  • The Sizzlers
  • aria Iranian restaurant
  • Shanghai Garden
  • Rowa Restaurant Al Khor
Q4. How is the nightlife in Al Khor?

Nightlife in Al Khor is not happening and vibrant as Doha, but there are restaurants and cafes to enjoy dinner. The hotels in Al Khor offer the best lounges and bar for the tourist to enjoy the evening.

Q5. How far is Hamad International Airport from Al Khor?

The Hamad International Airport is around 70 km from Al Khor city that will take approximately 52 min to reach. There are cabs and rental cars option available that can help in easy commuting.

Q6. What are the best hotels in Al Khor for leisure stay?

For your stay in Al Khor, the two best luxury resort and hotels are:

  • Al Sultan beach resort
  • Simaisma a Murwab Resort