Maldives, a part of the world that doesn't leave any stones unturned when it comes to surprising travelers. From serene islands in the Maldives to some of the finest beaches that feature soft sand and a wide range of activities, this is a country that has it all. Whether you're a beachbum longing to relax on the sand or just someone fancying a calm swim in the waters, Maldives will surprise you with its numerous wonders.

So, what's on your mind? A nice vacation on an island? Or an intimate honeymoon vacation with your better half? Well, here are some of the top islands in the Maldives that every traveler should consider visiting during a vacation.

Top 20 Maldives Islands Every Traveler Should Visit

Maldives is a country that houses numerous wonders as far as the islands in this country are concerned. Let's take a closer look at which are the top islands here.

1. Male Island

Islands In Maldives

There are many places in the world today that offer the serenity of a beach holiday and the Male Island is certainly one of them. Regarded as one of the best islands in the Maldives, Male is home to the main international airport and in the Maldives and offers the best of holiday experience to visitors. The island is, in fact, often regarded as one of the best places for a honeymoon in the world, and travelers can often visit the place to experience the true culture of Maldives. One can not only find a number of sightseeing options at the island but can also roam around the island by renting a two-wheeler or spend time engaging in a variety of water sports at the various beaches here.

Best Time To Visit - November and April

Famous For - Watersports, historical locations, markets, restaurants

Things To Do - Engage in water sports, rent a scooter and explore the island, visit the various landmarks, enjoy the beach

2. Filhalhohi Island

Filhalhohi Island
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Now here's a thing, if there's one Island that screams romance, it's the Filhalhohi Island in the Maldives. Considered to be one of the top places to visit in the country, this is a part of the Maldives that offers multiple options to visitors. One can not only find some top things to do in the Maldives here but can also visit some serene locations of the island.

The best part? The island even has a Filhalhohi Island Resort that features overwater bungalows for the visitors to stay in. Travelers can come to this part of Maldives, spend a vacation, and come back again. Since the island is one of the most beautiful places in the Maldives, travelers love to come back here again.

Best Time To Visit - January

Famous For - Filhalhohi Island Resort

Things To Do - Engage in water sports, stay at the island resort, spend time at the beach

3. Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island

Are you looking for a summer island in the Maldives? Well, the Alimatha Island could be the place for you. Renowned for its amazing views and location, this is an island that houses the majestic Alimatha Aquatic Resort. With its sun-kissed beaches, upscale accommodation options, and crystal clear waters, the Alimatha Island has it all. One can visit the various aquamarine lagoons and spa centers and spend a relaxing time at the beach. The best part? The Alimatha Island has a wide range of options in the form of beach bungalows, and overwater properties that are highly popular amongst honeymooners coming to the island. Besides, if someone is wondering about the best Maldives beaches to visit today, the Alimatha Island is surely home to a few such gems that not only promise a wide range of water sports but are widely popular for their soft sand.

Best Time To Visit - May to November

Famous For - Water activities, massage and spa sessions at centers, resort

Things To Do - Engage in water activities, spend time at the beach resort, sunbathing, etc.

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4. Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo Island

Nestled in South Mal Atoll and one of the most picturesque islands in this part of Maldives, Biyadhoo Island is another paradise that keeps on giving. If you're looking for a fun island in the Maldives, then this is the place for you. With more than enough adventures awaiting travelers here, this is a place that has it all. One can find vegetation in abundance here that ranges from Cabbage, Tomatoes, coconuts, bananas and so much more.

The best part? Biyadhoo Island in the Maldives offers a number of other attractions like snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and so much more. Interestingly, reaching this island isn't a big hassle too as one can easily take a flight to the Velena International Airport and cover the rest of the journey by road.

Best Time To Visit - December to April

Famous For - Snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, vegetation

Things To Do - Snorkeling, scuba diving, boating

5. Niyama Private Island

Niyama Private Island
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Another Maldives Island nestled only 40 minutes away from Male by a seaplane, the Niyama Private Island widely popular for its Private setting. This is one of those private islands in Maldives that offer BBQ facilities, restaurants, various types of shops and so much more to the visitors. One can not only take a swim in calm waters here but can also spend time taking a fine spa treatment here.

As far as the resorts in the Maldives are concerned, the accommodation at this island is as good as it gets. With facilities like a yoga room, a fitness center, sauna facility, and so much more for the relaxation of guests, travelers are bound to have a great time enjoying themselves here. Besides, even if you're traveling with your kids, the Niyama Private Island offers a wide range of indoor games for the kids and adults to enjoy. So, why not spend time on this private island with your loved ones?

Best Time To Visit - Travelers can visit the island at any time of the year as the resort remains open to welcome the guests all year-long

Famous For - Private setting, resort

Things To Do - indulge in water activities, stay at the resort, take spa treatments, etc.

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6. Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island

Now here's a fact, the Vaadhoo Island may not be the best island in the Maldives but it certainly has a thing or two for the enjoyment of visitors. The island is located in Raa Atoll of Maldives and is one of the finest islands to visit on a holiday for honeymooners. Interestingly, one of the most fascinating things about the Vaadhoo Island is the bioluminescence in the waters that can be observed at night. This creates an altogether magical experience for the visitors as one gets to see this amazing spectacle in the heart of the Maldives. So, what's the delay? Witness the stars at night or and enjoy the beach at Vaadhoo Island.

Best Time To Visit - May and November

Famous For - Bioluminescence in the waters

Things To Do - Relax at the beach, watch the bioluminescence in the waters, sit and watch the stars at night

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7. Kuredu Islands

Kuredu Islands

One of the best places to visit in the Maldives today, the Kuredu Island is another one of the most highly rated islands here. Popular for its ocean views and comfortable stay, the island is widely famous amongst honeymooners, and visitors coming here can engage in a wide range of activities. One can stay at the resort here that offers a private pool alongside a wide range of other facilities for visitors.

Visit the island and have a nice romantic lunch with your better half while watching the mesmerizing ocean views. Want to explore the whole island? Take an airplane tour and indulge in an adventure like never before. This is, in fact, an island that is widely popular for its luxury stay in the Maldives.

Best Time To Visit - February and March

Famous For - resort, water activities

Things To Do - Indulge in water sports, take an airplane tour of the island, have a fancy meal on the edge of the ocean

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8. Veligandu Island

Veligandu Island

Another island in the Maldives that has gained immense popularity over the years, the Veligandu Island is famous amongst travelers for its greenery that stretches a long way. The shimmering waters here add up to the fascination of the visitors while travelers can even engage in a wide range of water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and so much more.

In fact, the best part about snorkeling at the Veligandu Island is the gorgeous lagoons here. One can enjoy exploring the island through the waters while there are a variety of restaurants here where travelers can savor the best of seafood. So, what's the delay? Come visit Veligandu Island and have a joyous time here. The Veligandu Island Resort and Spa is located only 50 KM away from the Velina International Airport in Maldives which makes it easily commutable.

Best Time To Visit - February, May, and February

Famous For - Greenery

Things To Do - Engage in water activities, enjoy the beach

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9. Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island

Lying 8 km off the north-east coast of Male, Hulhumale Island is an artificial island that offers a surreal experience due to its quaint ambience. The island was initially built to decongest the growing population of Male and also for commercial and industrial development in future. From strolling through the gorgeous beaches to enjoying a thrilling nightlife, Hulhumale Island in Maldives will delight every traveler from honeymooners to family vacationers. From pleasant weather to picturesque vistas and lively culture, enjoy a day or more at Hulhumale Island. You can also indulge in numerous water sports here like parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, windsurfing, and ski tubes.

Best Time to Visit: December to April

Famous for: Quaint ambience and good weather

Things to Do: Admire the local culture and architecture, enjoy some pleasant time on the beach, enjoy numerous water sports

10. Fihalhohi Island

Fihalhohi Island

Fihalhohi Island is one of the best islands to visit in Maldives which is located in South Maldives at Kaafu Atoll. It is a great place for honeymooners as the island is home to one of the best resorts in Maldives which is Fihalhohi Island Resort that offers mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean and high-end stay in water villas. This resort is best known for its picturesque tropical setting surrounded by blue lagoons and verdant gardens. Offering everything at one place from adventure, relaxation, peace, fancy food to romance, Fihalhohi Island Resort will make your Maldives experience worth memorable. Not just the resort but the serene beaches of the island are just perfect to let your love bloom and enjoy some romantic moments with your partner.

Best Time to Visit: January

Famous for: Idyllic beaches, Fihalhohi Island Resort and its facilities

Things to Do: Relax on the beaches, stay in a water villa, take a relaxing spa treatment

11. Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island

Another enthralling island located at Kaafu Atoll of Maldives is Maafushi Island which is a tropical paradise famous for its glistening ocean waters, high-end resorts and thrilling adventures that makes it a great place to have a romantic honeymoon or a great family vacation. Bikini Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island where you can unwind yourself and admire the beautiful vistas. The island is also rich in marine flora and fauna thus, snorkeling and diving are some of the best activities to enjoy here. Night fishing, island hopping, dolphin safari, snorkeling, and catamaran rides are one of the most popular activities to enjoy at Maafushi Island.

Best Time to Visit: January and February

Famous for: Scenic beaches, resorts and thrilling adventures

Things to Do: Catamaran rides, island hopping, sunbathing on the sandy beaches

12. Nalaguraidhoo Island

Nalaguraidhoo Island

One of the primary places to visit on the South Ari Atoll in Maldives is Nalaguraidhoo Island which is a scenic place to spend some quaint time amidst nature. The tropical gardens, blue oceans, pristine coral reefs are what makes this island one of the most popular islands in Maldives. The island is also renowned for housing some of the best resorts in Maldives that covers a total area of around 1.6 km. A visit to this island is worth as you will be blessed with surreal ambience and enthralling views. Great for couples and families alike, Nalaguraidhoo Island caters to different interests and souls. Sun Island Resort & Spa is one of the best places to stay here which promises a soul-satisfying experience to guests especially honeymooners.

Best Time to Visit: February

Famous for: Blue ocean views, coral reefs, tropical gardens and high-end resorts

Things to Do: Enjoy watching dolphins, go for a rejuvenating spa experience at Araamu Spa Villa, enjoy a vibrant nightlife at beach bars

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13. Mirihi Island

Mirihi Island

If you are someone who is looking for a laid-back vacation, then Mirihi Island should be your go to island in Maldives which is also one of the smallest islands here. With idyllic beaches and quaint environs, Mirihi Island is just ideal for a tropical retreat. One of the best things to do on this island is to hop on a boat and go for island excursion and if you happen to be a lucky one, you might get a glimpse of sharks and other exotic marine animals. There are a few restaurants available at this island where great seafood can be relished along with pristine views of the surrounding vistas. December to April is the best time to visit this island when the weather is pleasantly comfortable and ideal for all sorts of adventures.

Best Time to Visit: December to April

Famous for: Boat excursions, shark spotting, exotic flora and fauna and picturesque views

Things to Do: Relish seafood at sea-view restaurants, go for island hopping, enjoy shark spotting

14. Baros Island

Baros Island

One of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon, Baros Island is a charming and a refreshing delight to eyes as the island looks heavenly beautiful with its scenic beaches and azure waters. Book a water villa here and enjoy spectacular views while enjoying a comfortable stay, rejuvenating spa and fancy food available at your room service. Baros Island resort is a stunning location to spend a few days in tranquility enjoying warm hospitality, picturesque views and high-end services. There is also a marine center run by the island resort where you can go for a tour to witness exotic marine life and can also adopt a coral reef by paying for its conservation via a programme run by the center.

Best Time to Visit: August to February

Famous for: Marine center, water villas, azure waters and scenic beaches

Things to Do: Diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, windsurfing and canoeing

15. Thoddoo Island

Thoddoo Island

If you are someone who wishes to delve into the local culture of Maldives, then Thoddoo Island is one of the best places to visit in Maldives for you where you can witness local lifestyle of people. Located 67 km west of Velana International Airport, Thoddoo island has a population of just 1400 people which makes this island a tranquil place to spend some romantic moments together. A picturesque coastline, white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and around 30 Thoddoo guest houses make this island worth visiting in Maldives especially for couples. The island is also known as the agricultural island of Maldives since it produces watermelons and papayas in large quantities.

Best Time to Visit: April, June, July

Famous for: Production of watermelons and papayas, Thoddoo guest houses

Things to Do: Relish local food, delve into the local culture, stroll through the white sandy beaches

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16. Asdhoo Island

Asdhoo Island

Are you looking to take a holiday, just to get away from work for a while? The ideal island in the Maldives for a honeymoon or holiday is the beaches of Asdhoo island. The slice of heaven with its crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and stunning sunset, makes every tourist or couple want to spend an entire day on the island. When it comes to bringing out the spark in the romance, the hotels with the ocean view are perfect. Besides couples, people have the best vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tourists will always come back for peace and serenity. What more can anyone ask for? Pack your bags and take the vacation you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Best Time to Visit: November

Famous for: Crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and stunning sunset, ocean view

Things to Do: Underwater diving, luxury cruising, enjoy the sunset, walk on the white sand beach.

17. Dhidhdhoo Island

Dhidhdhoo Island

Embrace solitude at Dhidhoo Island which is amongst the largest islands in Maldives and boasts of serene natural beauty. The resorts and villas located on this island are nothing short of a dream as they offer a comfy stay with high-end luxuries. From enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner to enjoying night fishing or walking hand in hand on the white sandy beaches of this island, couples can enjoy a tranquil time with their partner on this idyllic island. Since the island is home to very small group of people, it offers immense peace and tranquility with surreal ambience. You can also indulge in a variety of water sports like snorkeling and diving to admire the marine life from close under the turquoise shades of water.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

Famous for: Tranquility, serene beaches and high-end resorts

Things to Do: Night fishing, candlelight dinners, strolling through the beaches

18. Maradhoo Island

Maradhoo Island

Maradhoo Island is a gorgeous island located in Addu City of Maldives and is one of the top islands in Maldives. Running along the Indian Ocean, Maradhoo Island boasts of scenic coastline of beaches studded with coconut palms. Holidaying at this island would offer you with immense tranquility and a tropical retreat away from the humdrum of city life. A ferry can be hired from the Gan International Airport to reach Maradhoo Island in just 10 minutes and one can also admire the most pristine views on the way. You will find a lot of roadside vendors on this island selling sandwiches or other light snacks which are scrumptious. Besides this, explore the street side shops and seafood restaurants to indulge in spicy seafood which is the specialty of this island.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

Famous for: Serene environs, spicy seafood

Things to Do: Walk on the sandy beaches, try out seafood at local restaurants, buy souvenirs from the local shops

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19. Bandos Island

Bandos Island

Bandos Island is a private resort island that is located in the North Male Atoll. Spread in a whopping area of around 180,000 square meters, Bandos Island offers a luxurious retreat to travelers in the lap of nature. There are around 40 diving sites that can be seen surrounding the island where you can enjoy diving and meet the exotic underwater life that is rich in marine flora and fauna. Besides diving, some other adventurous activities to indulge in are snorkeling, catamaran sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and wakeboarding. Bandos Island Resort promises a great vacay to all the guests and offers rooms, suites and villas from where enchanting views of the surrounding vistas can be admired.

Best Time to Visit: December to February

Famous for: Diving sites, thrilling adventures and Bandos Island resort

Things to Do: Diving, snorkeling, catamaran sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and wakeboarding

20. Funadhoo Island

Funadhoo Island

This is one of the best islands in Northern Maldives which is inhabited thus, offer immense tranquility and an ambience that is perfect for a romantic getaway. There is a lagoon on this island that stretches to several kilometers and has now developed into a mangrove region which is very unusual and a sight to behold. At the northern part of the island, you will find a freshwater lake from where magnificent views of the landscape can be admired. The island is also rich in a variety of wildlife, so you can go on for excursions to get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna of the island.

Best Time to Visit: December to February

Famous for: Lake, views, wildlife, resorts and adventures

Things to Do: Visit the lake located in the northern region, explore the mangrove region

Maldives isn't a country that one can explore in a few days. The islands in the Maldives almost compel visitors to stay longer and for what it offers, every penny spent on a vacation is worth it, to say the least. Be it uncovering the hidden wonders of an island or waking up in an overwater resort room in the morning, this part of South Asia has it all, and more. So, what's the delay? Book your Maldives plane ticket today and come relish a vacation like no other.


Q1. Which is the best island in the Maldives?

Although there are many islands in the country, the Male Island is the best island in the Maldives.

Q2. How many days do I need in the Maldives?

One can look to spend at least 8 to 20 days in the Maldives as the country has multiple locations to explore.

Q3. Is the Maldives expensive?

Maldives is a country that has both expensive and economical options for visitors. One can stay at a resort while still saving money or end up spending fortunes on a lavish stay.

Q4. How far is the Niyama Private Island from Male?

The Niyama Private Maldives Island is nestled only 40 minutes away from Male by a seaplane.

Q5. Which is the best time to visit the Maldives?

The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April as the temperatures during this time are fairly comfortable for exploration.

Q6. Where is the Filhalhohi Resort located?

The Filhalhohi Resort is located on the Filhalhohi island and can be easily commuted from the international airport.

Q7. Which are the best hotels in the Maldives?

Here are some of the best hotels located in the Maldives.

  • Gili Lankanfushi
  • Lux* North Malé Atoll
  • Kudadoo
  • Lux South Ari Atoll
Q8. Which is the main airport in the Maldives?

The Velana International Airport is the main airport in the Maldives and is located in Male.