People from all over the world come to the multi-cultural epicenter to give their taste buds a treat to some of the most authentic foods in Bahrain.  The country has everything from American fast-food restaurants to Italian pizza cafes to street food joints.  It is easy to get lost in the array of options and leave the islands behind without having tried the uniqueness of Bahrain. People should make a list of things to eat in Bahrain and allow themselves to let lost in the world of cuisines. What more can anyone ask for when on vacation in a country like Bahrain? Food is a part of the experience which no one should ever miss out on.

Fine Foods In Bahrain For An Experience Of A Lifetime

They say every country or city has its unique and delicious cuisines people should not miss out on. There are several Bahrain foods known for their taste as they are a blend of various flavors from other Arab Kitchens. Tourists will have to live an eating and tasting adventure of the various local dishes. The cuisine includes cooking animals found in the Kingdom, like camels. People will find several delicious seafood dishes served in Bahraini cuisine.  The dishes differ in shape, taste and presentation. So, what you waiting for? Give your taste buds a treat to some of the most ideal cuisines of a life time.

1. Balaleet


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, you can’t miss out on a healthy meal when on vacation in the country. Balaleet is the ideal breakfast dish to have in Bahrain, made with sweet fired vermicelli pasta with saffron omelet. It is a crunchy tender dish and sweet and savory at the same time. The best way to start your food adventure, you should begin with a typical Bahraini breakfast. When it comes to looking for the best Balaleet, people should definitely eat at Saffron by Jena Bakery. Located in at the center of Souq Al Qaysariya, Saffron was launched in collaboration with the authority of culture and antiquities. There is no other place where one can experience the best traditional food, one of the best things to do in Bahrain. A food vacation is the best one can ask for in a life time as it is different and of course, no one has ever done before.

Where To Taste: Saffron by Jena Bakery

2. Machboos


Did you know Bahrain has its own national food? The national food of Bahrain is Machboos, which is said to be similar to Indian Biryani and Saudi Kabsa. The different dishes differ in their methods of cooking and ingredients, which include spicy meat and basmati rice dishes.  One should definitely try Machboos, the best food in Bahrain, at one of the local restaurants. It includes rice with chicken or fish, brown in color; which is depending on the spices used. You can always go to a Bahraini family and request them to feed you or go to Haji Gahwa.  Ensure you go when it is Machboos time as the restaurant doesn’t have a menu.  What you waiting for? Have the best time treating yourself to some of the best of the country.

Where To Taste:  Haji Gahwa

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3. Shawarma


Shawarma is the one of the fine foods in Bahrain, which is said to be a similar version of a hamburger.  It is an absolute favorite among the locals and of course a culinary delight. Made of beef or chicken, with mixed vegetables and sauces, all wrapped in pita bread, what more can anyone ask for? There are several shops and stands that offer the best shawarma in Bahrain. So, if you are trying the dish for the first time, then go to Osam Bin Zaid Avenue or Adliya, known as Shawarma Alley, filled with several stalls. One can freak out on the dish all day long. Go have the best time of your life and boast about with your friends and family.

Where To Taste: Osam Bin Zaid Avenue or Adliya

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4. Qoozi

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Qoozi is a favorite, which includes grilled lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, onions and spices.  Out of all the food in Bahrain, this should not be missed out on.  It is served at parties and family gatherings, where a whole lamb on a tray of rice is served. However, one can still give their taste buds a treat to this fine cuisine at Karami restaurant, one of the finest that serve the yummiest local cuisines. Apart from going on a food binging trip, people can even visit of the ideal attractions in Bahrain.

in like the market or the heritage sites. Have the best binging trip of a life time and make it something to remember for ages to come.

Where To Taste: Karami restaurant

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5. Biryani


Known as the Indian food in Bahrain, Biryani is said to an absolute favorite, made with the best rice and meat.  Al- Abraj Al Bahrain restaurant is known to serve the most delicious dish ever. It known to offer a range of delicious oriental and Indian cuisine, including rice dishes like chicken or meat biryani and a variety of grills.  What more can anyone ask for? It is one of those dishes that one can never get enough off. People have always been fond of Biryani and so, it should not be missed out on. When on vacation in Bahrain, treat yourself to Biryani and maybe come back for more. It is a dish that will leave people craving for more and why not, it is yummy.

Where To Taste: Al- Abraj Al Bahrain restaurant

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6. Harees


Have you ever heard or even Harees? Are you inquisitive as to what it is? Harees is a meal that is famous on a Bahraini table, a part of the customs and traditions that families are keen on preserving. This is the one dish that people should not miss out on, as it is a once in a life time chance to eat such delicacies that one may not get back at home. One of the ideal restaurants that serve this dish is Maroush, among other Bahraini dishes like porridge, fried fish, and white rice. What more can anyone ask for? It is giving your taste buds a heavenly treat, which of course, will leave you craving for more.

Where To Taste: Maroush

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7. Gahwa


With food, one should fill their tummies with the perfect drink, which of course goes without saying. The most popular drink is Gahwa, a spiced-up coffee, served with dates.  One can have the best Gahwa, anywhere, especially in the malls in Bahrain. For all the caffeine lovers, this is a drink that should not missed out on, as it is absolutely divine. There is a variety of coffee and tea everywhere. There are so many places that serve the best Gahwa and a few tea shops as well. No food adventure is complete without a cup of tea or coffee. What more can anyone ask for when having the best food adventure of a life time? It is an absolute must and an experience of a life time.

Where To Taste: Haji's Traditional Café

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8. Halwa Bahraini

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Did someone day dessert? All of us are lovers of dessert and so, when visiting a restaurant in Bahrain, ask the waiter for Halwa Bahraini. It is a dish made out of corn starch, saffron, nuts and natural sweeteners like honey. It will be the perfect end to a yummy meal. One of the must try dessert is Rangeena, an absolute crowd pleaser, made with dates and spices; and nuts sprinkled on top. Along with this, there are other sweets like “Luqaimat”, “Asida”, “Al Khanfroush” and “Al Qus Al Aqili, one should try.  Tourists should go on a dessert binge at Roche, a restaurant and patisserie, with an amazing menu that given people both Khaleeji and an assortment of international dishes.

Where To Taste: Roche

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There are a million dishes to try out in Bahrain, which makes it the best food vacation, as one would call it. The taste buds should have their own adventure of a lifetime as it not every day that one gets to try out a range of foods in Bahrain. It is a once in a life time experience like no other. It is said that food keeps all worries away and keeps you stress free or happy, as one would say. One should never miss out on such experiences as who knows when it’ll happen again.  With visiting the beaches, one should eat all kinds of cuisines, so; book your flights to Bahrain and have the best time ever.  What you waiting for?


Q1. What sort of food can one eat at Bahrain?

Halwa Bahraini, Gahwa, Harees, Biryani, Qoozi, Shawarma, Machboos, Balaleet are some of the foods that people should eat when visiting Bahrain. These are some of the delicacies that should not miss out on ever.

Q2. Where can one eat Halwai Bahraini?

Roche is one dessert restaurant that offers the best Halwai Bahraini. It is one of the yummiest deserts one should give their taste buds a treat too.

Q3. Where can one get a taste of the best Indian food in Bahrain?

Al- Abraj Al Bahrain restaurant is the one places people can get to eat Biryani, the best Indian food of a life time. It is an absolute favorite one should not miss out on.

Q4. What is Haji's Traditional Café known for?

The café is known to serve the best Gahwa, coffee, which is an absolute delight. It is a must try as the taste is different, unlike regular coffee.

Q5. Is it safe to travel to Bahrain?

Yes, Tourists can and should travel to Bahrain for its food and heritage sites. What more can anyone ask for, as there is a lot to do when on vacation. So, don’t worry about anything and have some fun.

Q6. When is it the best time to visit Bahrain?

Tourists can visit Bahrain between December and March, when the weather is said to be pleasant. It is the best time to go on vacation with family and friends.

Q7. What is Qoozi?

A favorite among the locals, Qoozi is a dish that includes grilled lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, onions and spices. It is served at family functions and parties.

Q8. Is Shawarma a favorite in Bahrain?

It is one of the fine foods in Bahrain, similar to a hamburger.