Egypt, a transcontinental country spreading across the southwest corner of Asia with the land bridged by Sinai Península is quite popular among the expatriates. These days people have been extremely busy with their hectic schedules stuck in the cacophony of the city life. A tour to Egypt works like an “control ALt and Delete” for getting rid of all chaos ruining the peace of mind. Whether you are looking for adventurous activities or some leisure time Egypt has everything to offer be it infinite desert remote beaches and streams flowing between mountains and sea. Explore the 5000-year-old history, ancient architecture, Historical attractions, sea and desert. One of the most popular adventure activities includes desert camping and desert Safari in Egypt.

7 Perfect Spots for Desert Safari in Egypt

Discover the awe-inspiring deserts and hypnotic landscape of the Egyptian desert and enjoy audacious adventures in the desert sea of Egypt. Here are the best places to explore the inexplicable beauty of the country and to dele in the remotest of the location for utmost tranquility.

1. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

Siwa oasis is very popular among those who love exploring desert. Perched in the western desert closer to the Libyan border in Egypt. The rich history and heritage of Siwa, entices people from far across the globe and it not only mesmerizes tourists, the localites are not untouched by its beauty. The amalgamated culture is a reason for the diversification of the traditions. Apart from the history and culture, the natural beauty of the of the desert is worth exploring. The expansive greenery and incredible salt lakes edging the palm trees will make you forget all your worries The best thing about the place is that it is yet untouched by modernity and has yet not been commercialized which ensure that traveler get to consume nature in the rawest forms. For most period of time Siwa was an isolated part in Egypt, later when Marsa Matrouh bridges to the other side.

Location: Western Desert, 50 km from the Libyan border

2. Fayoum


Fayoum is an ancient city that amalgamates the desert, water, greenery, modern and rural life. Quite popular for desert camping in Egypt, Fayoum has a lot to offer to those who love desert surfing. If you have never experienced camping under the star lit sky, here is the time to get yourself into an experience that will never vanish from your mind. Explore the never-ending desert and arrange a bonfire amidst the cold sand. You can also take assistance from desert tours operators in Egypt, there are tour guides as well who will come along and guide you on an individual level. Don’t miss out on the Qarun lake and Wadi El Rayan Waterfall, no wonder the country offers splendid getaway. If you have not yet decided, plan to celebrate your New Year in Egypt, and have an experience of diving in the lakes in the middle of the desert and sleeping in camps under the stars.

Location: 2 hours drive from Cairo

3. Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park

The beauty of Egypt is that caters to the need of everyone. If too much stand has started making you anxious. The country is all set to offer a plethora of options apart from best desert safaris in the world. Ras Mohammed National Park is a place popular for diving in Snorkeling, you would now be wondering how can a dessert offer water sports. But here the charm that is spelled by the country, apart from glistening sand dunes, there are many stunning beaches in Egypt. These beaches not only allow adventure sports but also has a designated area that executed overnight camping near the beach bed. However, visitor must ensure that they are abiding by the rules and regulation, to avoid any sort of penalty. There are two option of desert camping in Ras Mohammed National Park, one option is that visitors can bring all the essential required for camping or they can accommodate themselves in the camping areas where they just need to pay the charges for availing the essentials.

Location: Tip of the Sinai Peninsula, about 45 minutes from Sharm el Sheikh

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4. Saqqara, Sakkar

Saqqara, Sakkar

Apart from boasting the oldest pyramids, Saqqara is an astonishing archeological site. With the total of 11 pyramids don’t forget to spend a quality time in the Egyptian marvel.  One of the most renowned places to visit in Cairo, Saqqara serves as the main necropolis of the ancient capital of Memphis. There are many significant monuments in Saqqara, one of the most important monuments is the Step Pyramid of Djoser. It was the tomb of King Djoser, who himself was an excellent architect. Located in the Nile Delta entrance, precisely on the west bank from where the river begins to branch out. Apart from the there are numerous Masaba towers that are housed in Saqqara. While you are travelling to Egypt don’t miss out Saqqara desert and Safari back ride.

Location: Saqqara is located near the entrance of the Nile Delta

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5. Marsa Alam & the Deep South

Marsa Alam & the Deep South

Ever heard about Glamping? Enjoy desert camping in Egypt at Marsa Alam and the Deep south. Visitor can explore good options worth visiting such as Marsa Shagra village, Wadi Lahami village and various other camping spot. However, there are many luxurious hotels in Egypt, but delving in the adored accommodation is frequently recommended to the travelers. Enjoy a stay in the beachfront tents with the basic amenities, then there are the royal tents and beach huts with upgraded services such as mini fridge etc. Enjoy the local attractions in the day and at night, spend time around the bonfire and sleep in your luxe camps.

Location: Egypt’s eastern Red Sea coast

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6. Ras Shetan

Ras Shetan

Ras Shetan is one of the most renowned places for desert camping and desert safari in Egypt. With such amazing options no wonder Egypt is charted among the favorite honeymoon destination around the world. The best thing about the Egypt is that it offers everything that you have imagined, and everything that you have not! Plan a trip to Ras Shetan and enjoy the desert adventures and desert safari with your family. Adore the setting sun and the traditional delicacies offered by your package operator. Egypt is a place that must be visited at least once in an entire lifetime.

Location: between Nuweiba and Taba on the Gulf of Aqaba

7. White Desert & Black Desert

White Desert & Black Desert

Located near Al Farafrah, White desert is located a few kilometers from Cairo.  What makes white desert so popular is the fact that, unlike the yellow-colored sand of rest of the deserts in Egypt, this desert is blindingly bright and white. The white and black desert are at an approximate distance of 15 minutes from each other. What makes it a wonder is its formation over the millennia of wind and sandstorm. The formations generally reach till the height of 10-15 feet tall, due to the weird structures few have been given interesting names such as chicken and mushroom” or “chicken and atomic cloud.

Location: Western desert, near the Bahariya and Farafra Oases

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Egypt is a beautiful country that offers a journey of roller coaster ride, and the most popular activity, the desert safari in Egypt is a dream for many travelers. Now that you have come across many spots to explore and camp, wait no more. Plan you next vacation to Egypt and dive in the Egyptian hospitality. Enjoy astonishing waterfalls, beaches and local attractions in the country and do not forget to relish the traditional food. There are many options for safari trips and safari operators who can help the expats in executing their Safari successfully.


Q1. What are the best spots for desert Safari in Egypt?

The best spots for desert safari are:

  • Siwa Oasis
  • Fayoum
  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Saqqara, Sakkara
  • Marsa Alam & the Deep South
  • Ras Shetan
  • White Desert & Black Desert
Q2. What are the popular waterfalls In Egypt?

There is only one waterfall in Egypt, named as Wadi El Rayan, located in the middle of the Fayoum desert which is around 140 Km from Cairo, Egypt.

Q3. Is Egypt good destination for honeymoon?

Egypt is a very popular destination when it comes to planning a honeymoon. There are several places that can be visited, for a romantic getaway. These places include Pyramid complex, ancient museums, and architectural structures.

Q4. What are the popular Egyptian desserts?

Egyptians are fond of food; thus the food culture is quite popular. Few of the best desserts served in the country are:

  • Basbousa
  • Harissa
  • Kunafa
  • Zalabya
  • Sweet feteer
  • Om Ali
Q5. Where is white desert located?

Located in Western desert, near the Bahariya and Farafra Oases. White desert is a place in Egypt that is popular for its amazingly white colored structures.

Q6. Why is Saqqara famous?

One of the most renowned places to visit in Cairo, Saqqara serves as the main necropolis of the ancient capital of Memphis. There are many significant monuments in Saqqara, one of the most important monuments is the Step Pyramid of Djoser. It was the tomb of King Djoser, who himself was an excellent architect.

Q7. What are the best desert tour operators in Egypt?

There are many tour operators in Egypt that take end to end care of trips and tours that are executed. Take a goof knowledge about them and then book any of them

  • Look at Egypt Tours
  • Truly Egypt Tours
  • Ramasside Tours Egypt
  • Deluxe Travel Egypt
  • Over Egypt Tours
Q8. Is Egypt a safe country?

Egypt is one of the safest destinations in the world to travel given its low crime rate and strict rules and laws. Visitors too are expected to follow the laws and protocols.