The best beaches in Saudi Arabia are perfect for a great swim, water sports and diving. People can even enjoy a day on the beach by simply relaxing and enjoying some quite time with their families. When visiting a beach, tourists have to remember to dress appropriately. It is the perfect getaway when planning a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Best Beaches In Saudi Arabia
Best Beaches In Saudi Arabia 

Tourists can the perfect retreat at the popular beaches in Saudi Arabia with the perfect coastline and view of the sea. Several destinations in the city are like a moving picture of an artist’s painting. Along with being a city known for its monumental tours and food, the beaches are the heart of the city. What more can anyone ask for that spending time at one of the one stop holiday destination in the world? Saudi Arabia is known of its beauty and breath-taking adventures.  While spending time at the beaches, tourists should visit the souvenir shops and restaurants.

1. Umluj Beach

Umluj Beach
Umluj Beach

Umluj Beach is known as the Saudi Arabian Maldives and is known for its breathtaking view that looks like a painting that has been brought to life.  The beach is known for its clear, turquoise waters, white silk like sand and serene peace.  It is a dream tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia.  The waters are crystal clear and one can easily see aquatic life. This popular beach has several springs and few in terms of consumption. It is a popular destination for nature lovers as a range of migratory birds are seen making their way from the cold.

Location:  Prince Abdul Majeed Ibn Abdulaziz, Al Rawdhah, Umluj 48311, Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Diving and snorkeling

Facilities: Farmer’s market, restaurant and cafes

2. Indigo Beach

Image Credit
Image Credit 

Indigo Beach gives tourists a unique experience the minute you enter it barefoot.  Once tourists visit the beach, they will feel their holiday has begun. People should simply forget everything and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The beauty can be seen through the turquoise of the lagoon and while sandy beach, planted with coconut palms close the small fishing village of Bwejuu.  It is one of the most luxurious private beaches in Saudi Arabia as it offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Location:  Prince abdullah alFaisal Street، Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Waterfalls

Facilities: Infinity pools, a gym, and a spa

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3. Al Fanateer Beach

Al Fanateer Beach
Al Fanateer Beach 

Al Jubail is one of the most popular destinations for tourists as it is known for its picturesque beaches. Al Fanateer beach is a popular beach visited by local and international tourists. One of the many things to do in Saudi Arabia, is to go enjoy a walk or evening jog on the beach.  The beach is known for its palm trees and discovering it on barefoot is one most popular activity; along with a boat ride that enables viewing beautiful areas around the beach. Tourists can visit the mall located close to the beach and dine at some of the restaurants.

Located: Fanateer, Unnamed Road, Al Jubail Saudi Arabia

Famous for: Palm Trees

Facilities: Shopping mall and restaurants

4. Uqair Beach

Uqair Beach
Uqair Beach 

When Saudi Arabia was first formed, Uqair was an economic center and important port, which today is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Saudi Arabia.  It is known for its pristine coastline and tropical island.  Tourists enjoy watching the fresh blue waters and is one of the main attractions for visitors. The historic fortress adds a lovely dose of culture to one’s day. One can make a trip to some of the malls in Saudi Arabia, and eateries.

Location: Uqair Beach, Uqair, Saudi Arabia

Famous for:   Pristine Coastline and Historic Fortress

Facilities:  Malls and Eateries

5. Farasan Al Kabir Beach

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Farasan Beach is popular with the diving enthusiasts. It is a diver’s paradise that is the best and most ideal diving spots in the world.  It is one of the biggest and best beaches in Saudi Arabia, with the best views of the cobalt blue waters and other scattered islands.  It is the ideal place for a family vacation, backpackers and beach nuts.  It is the ideal beach to lounge on white sands under the sun.

Location:  Farasan Al Kabir Beach, Farasan Island, Saudi Arabia

Famous for: Diving

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6. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach
Half Moon Beach

Half-moon Beach is one of the most breathtaking scenic beaches that has been named after the crescent or half-moon shape.  It is a huge public beach in Saudi Arabia where people can swim, sun bath or ride on a beach buggy.  Kids can play in the play area and amusement park.  It is one of the most popular destinations for locals and ex-streams.  Tourists can enjoy several activities like sunbathing, swimming, hiking in a beach buggy, amusement park, and children’s playground.

Where: Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Famous for: sunbathing, swimming and hiking in a beach buggy

Facilities: Bathrooms, wardrobes, and showers

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7. OIA Beach

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The OIA is the best place to unwind from the madness of the city and is covered with white stones houses. These houses on the beach have been inspired by the Greek beaches.  Tourists should enjoy some of the water activities on the must visit beach in Saudi Arabia like sailing, kayaking and floating water park.  The beach has several craft cafes and restaurants that serve amazing food.

Location: 8984 Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, حي اللؤلؤ،، Jeddah 23821 2688, Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Sailing, kayaking and floating water park

Facilities:  Craft cafes and Restaurants

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8. Haql Beach

Haql Beach
Haql Beach 

Who ever imagined the Saudi Arabia beaches would be absolutely gorgeous?  Tourists can reconnect with themselves on this quiet beach surrounded by amazing beauty. People can enjoy the pristine sands and clear blue waters, which makes it really special.  Tourists can even enjoy the rich coral life that is seen along with the fellow divers.  The beach is in its natural state which means there aren’t any restaurants close by. People can enjoy a half sunken ship and the beach to themselves.  The beach is only complete with an amazing backdrop of the majestic mountains.

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Pristine sands and clear blue waters

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9. Silver Sands Beach

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Adventure enthusiasts will love spending at the silver sands beach as it provides swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing.  Tourists enjoy the beach even more as the dress code is quite relaxed. It is a private beach in Saudi Arabia tourists should visit at least once a year. People can always enjoy the view of the sunsetting and a relaxed day with family and friends.

Location: Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Al Lulu, Jeddah 23821, Saudi Arabia

Famous for: Swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing

Facilities:  Restaurants

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10. Salhia Beach

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Despite being a membership only beach club, it is a popular family friendly beach. People of all age groups can enjoy several recreational activities like volleyball. Tourists should enjoy a glass of lemonade while walking down on the beach.  The beach is known for their sunbeds which is usually less crowded. It is another beach in Saudi Arabia people should visit at least once a year. One of the best parts of about this beach is that is very clean and of course people can enjoy the fresh air.

Location: 6622-6624 Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Al Amwaj, Jeddah 23811 2949, Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Sunbeds

Facilities:  Volleyball

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11. Duurat Al Arus

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Duurat Al Arus is one of the oldest private beaches in Saudi Arabia.  The beach offers a wholesome feel and is huge. It is home to several beach villas, diving school, golf course and a theme park of its own.  When looking for places to stay in Saudi Arabia, tourists can easily rent a villa and enjoy some of the facilities offered. The rooms are always full during the holidays and so if planning a vacation, one should book a room well in advance.

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Beach villas, diving school, golf course and a theme park

Facilities: Swimming pool, Free parking, beachfront, restaurant

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12. Bhadur Beach Resort

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Bhadur beach is perfect for those who want to some peace and quiet.  It has access to spas, restaurants, cafes and several sun beds. There is a lot to do on this beach as it offers a diving school, waterpark, several arcades and game rooms for kids.  It is one of the best beach resorts in Saudi Arabia and should definitely be on the list of beaches to visit. It is a once in a life time experience.

Location:  Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, حي اللؤلؤ،، Jeddah 23821, Saudi Arabia

Famous for:  Sunbeds

Facilities: Diving school, waterpark, arcades and game rooms, restaurants and spas

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The best part about the beaches in Saudi Arabia is that they are clean and have a lot to offer in terms of activities and facilities. When planning a time to this part of the planet, ensure you visit the beaches to enjoy the fresh air and sports.  Saudi Arabia is one of the best and one stop holiday destinations on everyone list. So, go ahead and book your flights to Saudi Arabia and have the perfect holiday.


Q.1 Which are some of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia?

Some of the most gorgeous beaches in Saudi Arabia are Half-moon beach, umluj beach, Al Fanateer beach and Farsan Al kabir beach. Tourists from around the world come to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed day on these beaches.

Q2. What are the facilities offered by Bhadur Beach Resort?

Some of the facilities provided by the beach resort are diving school, waterpark, arcades and game rooms, restaurants and spas. It is one the many activities people enjoy while spending time here.

Q.3 Which is the game people often play on the Salhia Beach?

Volleyball is one of the most fun games played on the beach. Besides the game, people have often enjoyed a glass of lemonade while walking.

Q.4 What is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia?

The official tourist season is October to March even though the best time to visit is in November as the weather is the coldest.

Q.5 Can we swim in the beaches in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you can swim in some of the beaches in Saudi Arabia. The only thing one has to keep in mind is the dress code.

Q.6 How many dates are needed for the perfect vacation to Saudi Arabia?

People can spend up to approximately a 1 month in Saudi Arabia depending on the visa.

Q.7 Which is the best water sport activities people can enjoy when visiting a beach?

One of the most water sport activities people often enjoy is snorkeling or diving.

Q8. What is Haql Beach known for?

The beach has pristine sands and clear blue waters that can be watched for hours on end.