Beaches in Lusail city offers a great escape to enjoy leisure and some fascinating beach adventures. Located close to the city of Doha, Lusail is one of the emerging destinations for tourist that offers them a great experience. While there are shopping places, hotels and restaurant to engage your day with a fancy living, these beaches around the city provides a serene escape to nature. Get your sunscreen, fishing tools and swimming outfit and be ready for the utmost fun that is yet to come. Don’t leave your adventure list you can try during your beach holiday in Lusail.

Best Beaches in Lusail To Add On Your Itinerary

Where Lusail is still developing into a complete holiday destination, the city offers a quick beach holiday feel at the two best beach location. Plan your day in Lusail and explore the attraction listed among the fascinating beaches in Qatar.

1. Simaisma Family Beach

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Towards the North of Lusail City, Doha The Simaisma Family Beach is one of the serene and a peaceful escape to witness the beauty of nature. Lying at an approximate distance of 21 km from Doha, the beach is adorned by jetties and the small clusters of Mangroves. With the little hills, the deserted land and the beautiful shoreline, Simaisma Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Lusail to capture the sunset. The shallow water and the lush green corners of the mangrove plantation adds a charismatic touch to its aura.

There are shelters to rest and a small playground for the kids to enjoy the leisure evening. There are fishing traps in the intertidal zone that can be seen during the low tide. The visitors here can spot the species like demersal and Pelagic fish while enjoying the BBQ dish along the beach.

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Things to do at Simaisma Family Beach:

  • Enjoy the Beach games like Volley Ball
  • Try your hands-on Fishing
  • Capture some photographs
  • Enjoy the leisure sitting under the shades

2. Qatifan Island Beach

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Qatifan Island in Lusail is one of the most luxurious private islands offering the best residential society, hotels and other facilities to experience a lavish stay. Talking about the Lusail Beaches, the Qatifan north island gives access to 19037 sq meter beach area that features facilities like spa, cabanas, gym, infinity pool along its white sandy beach area.

The Qatifan Island North, spreading to an area of 1.3 million square meters will offer you an escape to the biggest water park adding on more adventure and thrill to your experience at the best Lusail beaches, Qatar. This island destination will have waterfront regions overlooked by the snack stalls and other boutique cafes, and lake linked to the beach for Fishing and enjoying other water adventure activities in Qatar.

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Things to Do in Qatifan Island:

  • Adventure activities in Water Park
  • Dining at the waterfront restaurant
  • Fishing
  • Beach sports like Volleyball and more

Book your flights to Doha and get ready to explore the beaches in Lusail to experience utmost leisure and thrill. Both the Simaisma family beach and Qatifan Island are listed among the best beach attraction you can explore in the city. While Simaisma offers a real essence of beach leisure with the sandy coast, the fishing trap and mangroves add on drama to its terrain. Qatifan Island will be your leisure spot for a luxury feel and experiencing a lavish holiday. These beaches can be easily reached from Doha via red line Doha metro and private cabs.


Q1. What are the best beaches in Lusail?

The Simisima family beach and Qatifan Island are the two best beach attraction in Lusail. These beach attraction offers the best water adventure and beach activities to try during the holidays.

Q2. What are the best water adventures to try in Lusail?

For your beach adventure in Lusail, you can try fishing or beach games like Volley Ball in Simaisma. Qatifan Island offers an exclusive beach club with the best activities like parasailing, jet skiing and more.

Q3. Where is Qatifan Island in Lusail city?

The Qatifan islands are nestled off the coast that can be reached with a short drive from Lusail. The islands offer a luxury and lavish feel with its exclusive architecture and premium facilities like waterfront, gym, spa and more.

Q4. How far is Simaisma Beach from Lusail Marina?

Simaisma Beach is located just 25 min away from the Lusail Marina that can be easily reached via a short drive from the city.

Q5. What are the best places to stay in Lusail?

You can book your stay at the best hotels like Staybridge Suites, Mondrian Doha, St. Regis Doha and Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas.