The second largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a jewel housing myriad of historical places and museums. Lying along the Red Sea coast, Jeddah is known for its stunning beaches where a peaceful time can be enjoyed. Both public and private Jeddah beaches offer a tranquil experience to travelers where they can enjoy pristine views of the sunset, exciting beach adventures and long romantic walks. The Red Sea coastline offer enchanting views when standing on the beach and is a perfect escape into nature away from the busy life of the city. So, stroll through this blog to find out the finest beaches in the city of Jeddah to have a relaxing time with your friends or family.

Top 16 Jeddah Beaches For A Perfect Beach Vacation

The Red Sea coastline in Jeddah gives birth to a number of scenic beaches to enjoy tranquil time with your loved ones. Check out the best beaches in Jeddah which you should add to your itinerary.

1. Al Saif Beach

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One of the best beaches in Jeddah, Al Saif Beach is a great hangout place for both locals and tourists alike where they can enjoy myriad of beach activities like swimming, picnic and other beach activities. Bask on the sandy beach or gaze at the beautiful setting sun. This clean beach is perfect for camping, barbecuing and picnicking with family and friends while enjoying stunning views of the sea. You will also find children here getting their hands on swimming and other adventure sports as the waters of the Al Saif Beach are shallow. There is also a lush green park with pebbled pathways, where people can enjoy jogging and picnicking on the green grassy land.

Location: South of Jeddah, somewhat 60 km from the city center

Famous for: Barbecue, Picnicking, Swimming

Facilities: Barbecue, Car parking

2. Khaleej Salman Beach

Khaleej Salman Beach
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Another of the most popular public beaches in Jeddah, Khaleej Salman Beach is quite a fascinating beach where people can enjoy a relaxing time admiring the beauty of the setting sun below the horizon. The beach is not very popular among families, hence single people find it really peaceful to spend some time on this beach. People often dig makeshift tents here and enjoy a serene time amidst the natural surroundings of the beach. If you are someone who loves to admire nature and long for peaceful ambience, then Khaleej Salman Beach should be an ideal spot for you.

Location: Buhairat District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Famous for: Peaceful ambience

Facilities: Camping site

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3. South Obhur Beach

South Obhur Beach
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One of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly South Obhur Beach which is a famous hangout place among locals and tourists alike. One can enjoy all of the beach activities at South Obhur beach which is located on the east coast of Red Sea and around 30 km from the Jeddah City center. The beach lies in close vicinity to several restaurants and cafes; hence travelers do not need to carry any refreshments with them to fully enjoy on this beach. Being close to the city, the beach is a perfect weekend getaway for people who love nature and serenity. Enjoy a great beach holiday with friends or family at this calm beach where a lot of activities can be enjoyed like swimming and camping.

Location: East coast of Red Sea, approximately 30 km from the city center

Famous for: Close proximity to the city, several nearby cafes, natural beauty

Facilities: Nearby cafes and restaurants

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4. Silver Sands Beach

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In the list of private beaches in Jeddah, Silver Sands Beach tops our list as this mile long beach is an adventurer’s paradise. With myriad of water sports to try on this beach, Silver Sands Beach is where people come to enjoy swimming, windsurfing, and snorkeling making it one of the best Jeddah tourist attractions. Advance reservations need to be made in order to access this beach and there is also an entrance fee that needs to be paid before entering this sand beach in Jeddah. For travelers who love surf, sun and sand, Silver Sands Beach is a perfect retreat for mind, eyes and soul. It is also a paradise for someone who loves tranquility and seclusion, since the beach is private with not many people visiting it.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Timings: Monday to Sunday: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Famous for: Swimming, windsurfing, and snorkeling

Facilities: Watersport's equipment

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5. Thuwal Beach

Thuwal Beach
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A stunning public beach in Jeddah, Thuwal Beach is a stunning beach located somewhat 80 km from Jeddah’s city center. The beach is also quite popular for housing one of the largest seaside mosques where people can offer prayers while relishing gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape. It is also a good beach to come with kids as water near the shore is shallow where they can get their hands on swimming as it is safe here and also try out various outdoor activities and games.

Out of many Jeddah beaches, Thuwal Beach is a perfect hangout spot for friends on weekends where they can enjoy water sports, camping, barbecue and a lot more. Thuwal Beach is also known for its fishing center and tranquil atmosphere as it lies far away from the city’s humdrum.

Location: North of Jeddah, around 80 km from city center

Famous for: One of the largest seaside mosques, swimming, gorgeous views

Facilities: Shaded areas, parking facility

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6. Durrat Al Arus

Durrat Al Arus
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Durrat Al Arus is the oldest private beach in Jeddah which started the culture of private beaches among the local people of Jeddah. The perfect ambience, top-notch facilities and the natural vibe of this place is something which will make you fall in love with this beach resort. Durrat Al Arus also boasts of its own theme park, golf course, around 1000 luxurious beach villas and a diving school. One needs to rent a villa in the resort in order to get an entry to this private beach and access all of its facilities. With a peaceful ambience and ultra-modern touch, this beach resort is just a perfect escape into nature and luxury. One of the best things to do in Jeddah is definitely trying out the gorgeous beaches of this city.

Location: Approximately 40 km from Jeddah city center

Famous for: Ultra-modern & serene ambience

Facilities: Private beach, diving school, theme park, golf course, parking, villas

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7. Dhaban Marine Park

Dhaban Marine Park
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Dhaban Marine Park is one of the best beaches in Jeddah that can be visited with friends or family. Located in Dhaban, approximately 40 km from Jeddah city center, Dhaban Marine Park boasts of children’s playground area and is surrounded by lush green landscape. You can also capture the enthralling scenic views once the sun sets in the horizon, leaving it shaded in beautiful hues of purple and orange. There are shaded areas all over the beach for families to sit here during the sunny days and enjoy the warm weather. Dhaban Marine Park is a perfect spot to relax over the weekends and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

Location: Dahaban 23841, Saudi Arabia

Famous for: Sunset views, picnic with family

Facilities: Children’s playground, shaded areas

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8. South Corniche

South Corniche
South Corniche

Stretching over 110 km, South Corniche in Jeddah is divided into three parts which are northern, central and southern. It is one of the top beaches in Jeddah where locals come to enjoy every evening. The corniche is also brimmed with famous cafes and restaurants, food kiosks and many other things for the refreshment of people. Flamingos can also be spotted here which makes this beach even more beautiful. Weather around the corniche is always pleasant with cool breeze, so a relaxing time can be spent here gazing the activity of people and with your loved ones. Some of the best places in Saudi Arabia can be seen along the corniche like Al Hamra Beach, bronze sculptures, King Fahad Fountain, and several museums and restaurants.

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Location: Approximate 45 kms south of Jeddah

Famous for: Nearby attractions, beach activities

Facilities: Restaurants, path for motorcycle, horse riding and bicycle

9. Indigo Beach Resort

Indigo Beach Resort
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Beach holiday in a resort sound exciting enough to quickly plan a vacation. The Indigo Beach Resort is among the best private beaches in Jeddah where you can socialize with your gang or seek leisure amidst the captivating beauty. From every public and private beach in Saudi Arabia, the Indigo is best known for its surreal beauty and charm. The long coastline and tranquil setting of the shores can be best admired during the sunset when the entire region is enveloped in the hues of dusk.

There is leisure for those who love spending time witnessing the nature while adventure enthusiasts can challenge their holiday mood with some thrill. Go swimming or try some more activities that are offered by Indigo beach resort in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. What makes it one of the best beaches in Jeddah, is the separate swimming area for men, kids and ladies to ensure complete privacy and comfort

You will get that wester beach vibe here with the cafes and restaurants that are lined along.

Location: Prince Abdullah AlFaisal St, Jeddah

Famous for: Water sports and luxury retreat

Facilities: Separate swimming area, Cafes and Restaurant

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10. Duurat Al Arus Beach

Duurat Al Arus Beach
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Duurat Al Arus is a complete holiday destination in itself where you can find one of the best Jeddah Beaches. Now, this is one of the oldest private beaches in the city that started the concept of a private beach resort to attracts travelers across the globe. Why one should consider visiting this private beach when there are other places to explore. Well, the answer is, Duurat Al Arus village, the best villa in Jeddah that not only offers the best features and facilities but every leisure and thrill you need for the stay.

The village, apart from its vast beautiful beach, has some of the finest cafes and restaurants to enjoy every delighting taste. The beaches here host adventure and thrill like beach games and water sports to keep you engaged and entertained during the holidays. Jet Skiing, water motors, red sea diving, snorkeling, and surfing are some best adventures you can try in Durrat Al Arus that features the top beaches in Jeddah.

Location: Durrat Al Aroos, Dahaban, Jeddah

Famous For: Red Sea Diving, Jet Skiing, and other adventures

Facilities: Cafés, Luxury Villa, Separate Pool for all

11. OIA Resort Beach

OIA Resort Beach
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Inspired by the beaches in Greece, OIA Resort Beach is just a perfect place to enjoy a holiday amidst the top Jeddah beaches. The houses, made from white stone, and the fancy cafes built around the beach have added a charismatic touch to its surroundings. While the resort features every service and facility you need for a staycation, the best beaches in Jeddah have made it an ultimate spot for holidaymakers in the city. Even the beauty of the beach resort can make Jeddah, your best honeymoon destination in the world.

Beach activities are additional features that add to its popularity. The OIA beach has a water park and amenities for activities such as Kayaking and Sailing. While you are enjoying the day with adventures and thrilling things, you can spend the rest of the day relishing the delighting dishes from the boutique cafes. You will definitely love the sleek and balmy ambiance of OIA resort beach.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Famous For: Water Activities and Landscape

Facilities: Cafes, Luxury Resort

12. Bahadur Beach Resort

Bahadur Beach Resort
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Not a fan of the crowd? Well, you can surely head towards the Bahadur Beach in Jeddah that is one of the tranquil and serene places. Being among the top private beaches in Jeddah, you can enjoy some rejuvenating and leisurely activities like spa and sauna therapies, sunbathing, and all.

Despite being a small resort in Jeddah, you will find every facility and feature to make it a leisure stay. Pamper yourself with the fascinating beauty that makes it a famous attraction for every traveler. You can enjoy activities like strolling around the Jeddah beach or some adventure like swimming or sailing. There are many attractions lying closer to the beach that can add more fun and thrill to your experiences like the waterpark and game rooms. Don’t forget to dive here to discover the underwater wonders. Special schools are there where your child can learn the basic techniques of scuba diving and more.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Famous For: Water activities, Diving, and Water Park

Facilities: Diving School, Spa, and Sauna

13. Salhia Beach Resort

Salhia Beach Resort
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Blessed with the most enthralling shoreline and the top-notch service, the Salhia beach is surely one of the top private beaches in Jeddah. Owned by Salhia Beach resorts, the beach welcomes travelers to enjoy the serene and luxurious beauty. It is nothing lesser than a paradise that is popular with locals and tourists as well.

Sahila beach is a family-friendly attraction where you can plan a picnic day with family or spend quality time, admire the serene beauty. It is the popularity of Salhia that keeps it flooded with travelers no matter when you plan your travel. There are games like beach volleyball and cafes that are lined along the beach to make your day a memory with the best things to do in Jeddah. Witness the Red Sea Coastline from the fanciest cafes that overlook the serene beach in Jeddah and enhances the beauty of the surroundings.

Location: Obhor, Salhia Beach Resort

Facilities: BeachUmbrellas, Cafes and Resort

Famous For: Beach games, Spa, Picnic

If you are looking for a great beach vacation then, you must check out these stunning beach resorts in Jeddah that offer a delightful beach experience with all the world-class amenities.

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Top 3 Beach Resorts In Jeddah

If you are looking for a great beach vacation then, you must check out these stunning beach resorts in Jeddah that offer a delightful beach experience with all the world-class amenities.

14. Mövenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah

Mövenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah
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Nestled in Red Sea on a private island, Mövenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah is an epitome of luxury housing 91 gorgeous suites offering mesmerizing views of the sea. Witness warm and comforting Swiss hospitality here and make your stay a memorable one by availing all the leisure amenities that the resort has to offer to guests. The resort is great for families as it has family-friendly amenities like children’s play area, each of the rooms come with a kitchenette and a private pool where families can enjoy their own leisure time. You can also enjoy buffet nights here which are theme based and offers great entertainment.

TripAdvisor: 3.5

Location: North Cornish Road Beside Al Nawras Square, Jeddah 21424, Saudi Arabia

Exclusive Features:

  • Kitchenette
  • Children’s play area
  • Private pool area

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15. Narcissus Resort and Spa

Narcissus Resort and Spa
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Another in the list of Jeddah beach resorts is Narcissus Resort and Spa that boasts of 60 lavish beachfront villas offering mesmerizing views of the sea. The resort is also famous for housing largest spa center in Jeddah which is spread in an area of 1200 square meters with separate facilities for men and women. What makes this resort a great place to enjoy a comfortable and leisure stay are its amenities like separate indoor pool for ladies, swimming pool for kids, swimming pools for males on the seashore, fitness room, separate kids’ play area and direct access to sandy beach. There are also 3 restaurants and 2 lounges that offer a variety of cuisines and drinks.

TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Location: Jeddah 23811, Saudi Arabia

Exclusive Features:

  • Indoor pool for ladies
  • Male's pool
  • Swimming pool for kids
  • Fitness Area
  • Largest spa center in Jeddah
  • 3 restaurants and 2 lounges

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16. Makarem An Nakheel Village

Makarem An Nakheel Village
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Makarem An Nakheel Village is a perfect accommodation option for families, couples and business travelers alike. Witness an unmatched stay with all the comforts and warm hospitality offered here. The resort is located approximately 26 km from the Jeddah International Airport and it can be easily reached by hiring a taxi from the airport. Delight your senses and taste buds with scrumptious international cuisines at on-site restaurants like The Marina Plaza Café and Al Aresha Restaurant. All of the rooms of the resort are well-equipped with modern facilities like mini fridge, air-conditioner, electronic door locks and several other.

TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Fiasal Branch, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, Jeddah 23819, Saudi Arabia

Exclusive Features:

  • 2 Restaurants
  • Beachfront location
  • Meeting rooms & guest rooms

Jeddah is definitely a jewel in Saudi Arabia that not only houses historical and cultural treasures but also natural ones. Jeddah Beaches offer a delightful beach experience which is a treat for eyes, soul and mind. From the beauty of the Red Sea to thrilling adventures of the beach, there is no dearth of natural charm in the city. From private ones to public beaches, travelers can enjoy every sort of beach vacation in Jeddah. If you are planning to book flights to Jeddah, then we strongly recommend you to explore any of these beaches for an exotic escape into nature and admire the natural beauty of the city.


Q1. Which are some popular beaches in Jeddah for families?

Some of the most popular beaches in Jeddah for families are:

  • Thuwal Beach
  • South Obhur Beach
  • Al Saif Beach
  • South Corniche Beach
  • Dhaban Marine Park
Q2. Which are the best private beaches in Jeddah?

Some of the best private beaches in Jeddah are:

  • Silver Sands Beach
  • OIA Resort Beach
  • Duurat Al Arus Beach
  • Bhadur Beach Resort
  • Salhia Beach Resort
Q3. What are the facilities available at Thuwal Beach?

Parking, shaded areas and equipment for water sports are the main facilities available at Thuwal Beach.

Q4. Where is Silver Sands Beach located?

Silver Sands Beach is located in Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Q5. What is there to do at Al Saif Beach?

One can enjoy various activities like barbecue, swimming, camping, and picnicking at Al Saif Beach.

Q6. What is Khaleej Salman Beach famous for?

Khaleej Salman Beach is famous for being a tranquil beach which is not visited by families rather single men where they can dig in their own camps and enjoy peace of mind amidst natural setting.

Q7. What are the famous beach activities to try in Jeddah?

The famous beach activities to try in Jeddah are snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, swimming and fishing.

Q8. How many days are enough for Jeddah?

Around 3 days are enough for an ideal trip to Jeddah wherein you can explore all the famous attractions here.

Q9. Why is OIA beach resort so famous in Jeddah?

The OIA beach in Jeddah resembles the beaches in Greece that makes it one of the top attractions for tourists in the city. The resort, apart from offering a private beach has listed some facilities like a floating water park, terrace, shady beach deck, and more.

Q10. What are the best resorts in Jeddah that offer a serene gateway to the beaches?

There are many private beaches in Jeddah that are owned by luxury resorts like:

  • OIA Beach Resort
  • Bhadur Beach Resort
  • Duurat Al Arus Beach
  • Salhia Beach Resort