It is almost unfair that when one thinks of dazzling beaches, their thoughts race towards Maldives, Bali (Indonesia) or Goa (India). Agreed, these are some of the top beach destinations, but France boasts of some incredible beaches too! The best part is that since they are not commercialized like many other places, ‘Les Blues’ (A nickname for the country) has many hidden & lesser-known beaches, which would serve as oases of peace! Some of these best beaches in France include La Tonnara Beach, Plage du Petit Sperone, La Cote des Basques, Calanque d’En-Vau & Plage de la Milady.

22 Beaches In France Every Beachgoer Must Visit

An area that has become synonymous with French beaches is the Riviera. (Known as “Côte d'Azur”, it is the area of Mediterranean coast, in the south-east corner of the country, even though there is no official boundary & hence its exact extent can’t be declared.) While there is no doubt that French Riviera is home to several dreamy beaches, beaches in France map exist beyond the place & we shall be exploring some of those today as well.

1. Espiguette Beach/Plage De l’Espiguette

Espiguette Beach/Plage De l’Espiguette

Foremost, the word plage means a beach, so both the above names mean the same. Located in the coastal city of ‘Montpellier’, which in turn is in the ‘Occitanie’ region (France has regions, not states.), this is a huge, windswept beach, ideal for kitesurfing. Lined with colorful resorts of all sizes, the shallow water makes for safe & great swimming. But don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the prospect of indulging in a sport, this beach, with its relaxed vibe, is perfect for just unwinding after some hectic days of sightseeing. You will need to pay for the parking though.

Location: Le Grau-du-Roi (Commune), Gard (Department), Southern France/Le Midi (Geographical area). As aforementioned, it is in the region of Occitanie.

Facilities: Dining (Refreshments are available at the 2 restaurants here.), parking, sunbeds & paddleboards on rent

Famous for: Size (Not only is it only of the best beaches in France, it can also accommodate huge crowds.), serenity (Visited by a tiny fraction of travelers, as opposed to the more popular beaches.), film shoots

Things To Do: Rent a sunbed, take out that bottle of lotion, put on your shades, & take that well-deserved rest!

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2. Pampelonne Beach

Pampelonne Beach

Situated in the beachy town of ‘Saint-Tropez’ (It has several beaches.), in the French Riviera, the region being PACA (Provence-Alpes- Côte d'Azur), is this favorite of ours. Pampelonne Beach is a breezy stretch of sand in the town of glitz & glamour, which was once a little-known fishing village. The area offers luxurious resorts to stay along with the possibility of spotting some A-listers, so if you are thinking about a weekend getaway focused at just one beach, it might be a stupendous idea! You cannot discuss beaches in France map & miss this one!

Location: Pampelonne (Commune), Var (Department), Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur/Région Sud (Geographical area). This plage too is in the region of Occitanie.

Facilities: Accomodation, dining (It is home to some famous beach clubs.), parasols/umbrellas & sun loungers on rent

Famous for: Celebrities (Beyoncé, Jay Z, Brigitte Bardot & others have made the colorful waters of Saint Tropez famous.), luxury yachts, popular beach clubs (The meals served are extravagant & great for indulging in with friends/partner.)

Things To Do: Bring your own parasol, rent a sun lounger or lay down your beach towel, unwind & pamper yourself with some seafood at a nearby beach club!

3. Plage De La Côte Des Basques/Grande Plage

Plage De La Côte Des Basques

First things first, we have used two names since they both refer to the beaches in the seaside town of ‘Biarritz’. Literally the stuff fairytales are made of—it stars Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, which is a novel, not a fairytale, but you get the point—and the summer destination of celebrities, Biarritz falls in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France. Unmissable for anyone who wants to see the beaches in France, this elegant area (Also visited by the European royals) has Grande Plage as its main beach. It is a favorite with surfers!

Location: Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Commune), Pyrénées-Atlantiques (Department), Southern France/Le Midi (Geographical area). It is located in the Basque Country region. (Basque Country is the same as the Northern Basque Country & the French Basque Country, so don’t get confused!)

Facilities: Accomodation (Biarritz can be described as a resort town.), Dining (The food is excellent here!), showers

Famous for: European royalty & celebrities, surfing schools (If you are a beginner or novice, this is a great opportunity to get started!), casinos

Things To Do: Enjoy shelter in a striped beach tent from the 1920s, lie down & test your surfing skills when you want to hit the water!

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4. Antibes


Another resort town, Antibes, situated in the PACA region (like Pampelonne Beach), is the place to be if you are not looking for hip & happening, best family beaches in France, but quieter ones. The coastal town is sandwiched between the cities of ‘Cannes’ (Surely you have heard of the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival?) & ‘Nice’. Do note that it being quaint doesn’t make it any less cheap. Antibes is brimming with French Riviera’s grandeur & glamour, with many luxury hotel properties providing guests private portions of the beach. Heaven!

Location: Juan-les-Pins (Commune), Pyrénées-Atlantiques (Department), Alpes-Maritime (Geographical area). As aforementioned, it lies in the PACA region.

Facilities: The three Antibes beaches do not provide sun loungers or parasols, so bring your own. If lounge chairs or beach umbrellas are what you want, head to the other beaches in Juan-les-Pins.

Famous for: Solitude (Antibes has a peninsula, the beaches of which are quieter.), glamour, plenty of sand

Things To Do: Book a plush hotel room if your budget allows it (Antibes has some of the best resorts in France.), pamper yourself with the luxury, discover your inner child by making a sand castle!

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5. Palombaggia Beach/Plage De Palombaggia

Palombaggia Beach

To be found in the port town of ‘Porto-Vecchio’, which is on the ‘Corsica’ island (Corsica is the region too.), this plage will feel like you are setting foot on the soil of France & Italy at once! The kind of picture-perfect beach that you find on a postcard, Palombaggia is suited for a whole range of activities—kayaking, snorkeling, swimming & so on. Sandwiched by two countries & lined by picturesque palm trees, this immense beach, one of the best beaches in France, offers sparkling water with a bright appearance, no-rock sand & soul-caressing breeze!

Location: Porto Vecchio (Commune), Corse-du-Sud (Department), Corsica (Region). As stated above, it is located between Italy & France.

Facilities: Dining (The bars here serve snacks & cocktails. Lunch is available too.), lifeguard supervision, parking (Note: These parking spots are few & you will need to reach early morning to get one.)

Famous for: Surreal beauty (Wait until you see the turquoise-hued water!), size & views

Things To Do: Arrive early to grab a parking spot by the beach, visit this beach (which is one of the must-go-to places to visit in France) & let your feet sink in the soft sand!

6. Paloma Beach/Plage Paloma

Paloma Beach

Very close to urban Nice, in the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula & commune, is this secluded beach, great for sunbathing & unwinding after the stress that sightseeing ironically causes. A favorite with elites, this is yet another of the beaches in France making it to our list. If you are a “water baby”, you could go for a refreshing swim, or have fun with an activity like snorkeling instead. Soak in the peace of the seaside village of Saint-Jean & don’t forget to enjoy at the renowned restro-bar. (Trivia: The beach is named after the Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso’s daughter, Paloma!)

Location: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (Commune), Alpes-Maritimes (Department), Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Region). As aforementioned, it is near the capital of Alpes-Maritimes, Nice.

Facilities: Dining & public toilets; water skiing skis, kayaking kits & paddleboards on rent

Famous for: Elegance (Wait until you soak in the feel of the place!), unmatched coastal views, water sports

Things To Do: Be careful & walk down a steep set of stairs to the rocky shore, enjoy the wide views of the sea, & don’t forget to click pictures!

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7. Trouville Plage & Les Plages Étretat, Normandy

Trouville Plage

Firstly, we are clubbing ‘Grande Plage de Trouville’ & ‘Étretat Cliffs & Beach’ together because they are both located in Normandy. A region in Northern France, Normandy boasts of a varied coastline, with some rocky beaches by white-chalk cliffs, while the others being sandy. Trouville (The full name is Trouville-sur-Mer.) & Étretat are both communes, known for different things. While the former has a fishing port, the latter is a farming town. Both, however, have fab beaches, with Plage de Trouville popular with children. It is one of the best family beaches in France.

Location: Trouville-sur-Mer & Étretat respectively (Communes), Calvados & Seine-Maritime respectively (Departments), Normandy (Region).

Facilities: Grande Plage de Trouville – Dining (There is a counter to buy refreshments & water. Also, it is a short walk from the cafés.), toilets, deckchairs & parasols on rent

Famous for:

  • Grande Plage de Trouville – Cleanliness, size (It is a pleasant stretch of white sand!), colorful umbrellas
  • Étretat Cliffs & Beach – Breathtaking views of the cliffs (Not just a must-visit beach, this is one of the recommended attractions to visit in France, if you ask us!), cool water (Colder than most beaches) & pebbly shore

Things To Do:

  • Grande Plage de Trouville – Take a walk to observe the historical homes at the coast, make the most of the boardwalk & try your hand at bocce!
  • Étretat Cliffs & Beach – Pack a picnic basket, find yourselves a secluded spot & play some music!

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8. Plage Des Grands Sables & Donnant Beach, Belle-Île-en-Mer

Plage Des Grands Sables

At the very beginning, ‘Belle-Île-en-Mer' (Shortened as ‘Belle Île’) literally means ‘beautiful island in sea’, & it truly lives up to the reputation. Board a ferry from the ‘Quiberon’ commune, which in turn is in the ‘Morbihan’ department, to reach this isle. You know that it is worth the 30-minute ride when we tell you that its beaches, which can be thought of as some of the hidden beaches in France map, were the inspiration behind painter Claude Monet’s painting. The 2-kilometer Plage des Grands Sables is on the eastern shore of the isle, while Donnant Beach is on the western shore.

Location: Locmaria & Sauzon respectively (Commune), Morbihan (Department), Brittany (Region)


  • Plage Des Grands Sables – Supervision, public toilet, free parking
  • Donnant Beach – Supervision, free parking, surfing equipment on rent

Famous for:

  • Plage Des Grands Sables – Being a dog-friendly beach, Caribbean vibe, size (This is a very large beach.)
  • Donnant Beach – Rocky landscape/cliffs, tidal pools, being the inspiration behind celebrated painters like Claude Monet

Things To Do:

  • Plage Des Grands Sables – Head to this, one of the best family beaches in France, with your family or take a solo long walk to clear your head!
  • Donnant Beach – View the cliffs at the beach, spend some time surfing & head to the town to have a meal of steamed mussels with garlic & parsley!

9. Plage de Corz

Plage de Corz
Image Credit

One of the major reasons why France features amongst the best places to visit in Europe is its serene beaches. Widely popular amongst day-trippers today, Île d'Ouessant or Plage de Corz is a paradise when it comes to enjoying a sunny day on a beach. It is one of those France beaches that offer serenity and a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of life. One can not only spend time at the beach but can also swim in the turquoise waters with ease. The best part, in fact, about the whole area is that there are walkways alongside many picnic spots where travelers can spend quality time with their loved ones.

One can go hiking or enjoy cycling on its 28-mile-long track which lies on the coastal road. So, what’s the delay? Come and spend time at the Plage de Corz beach in France, enjoy sunbathing in the soft sand or sit in the sand to admire the serene views around.

Location - Plage de Corz is a west-facing beach and is nestled to the south of Lampaul in France

Facilities - Travelers can expect to get some basic facilities at the Plage de Corz. There are walkways and picnic areas around for the enjoyment of guests.

Famous For - Tranquil setting, picnic spots, turquoise waters, etc.

Things To Do - Take a walk or enjoy cycling around the beach, picnics, sunbathing, etc.  

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10. Plage de Porticcio

Plage de Porticcio

One of the finest beaches in France that offers the serenity you desire, Plage de Porticcio has a lot to offer on a vacation. Boasting of its beautiful bay and top of the line facilities nearby, this is a beach that lies about 9 miles (15km) by road around the bay from Ajaccio, or 4 miles (6km) straight across the water. One can reach here by taking a ferry ride easily that takes about 20 minutes and runs from 6 to 9 on a daily basis. The best part about the whole experience is that there are a number of cocktail bars in the region that travelers can explore. Apart from this, Plage de Porticcio is in close proximity to the waterfront promenade of the city of Ajaccio has to be one of the top picks in terms of walking down the lane. So, why not spend time at this serene beach and enjoy a nice cocktail drink at the bars here?

Location - Plage de Porticcio lies about 9 miles (15km) by road around the bay from Ajaccio, or 4 miles (6km) straight across the water.

Facilities - Cocktail bars, waterfront promenade, etc.

Famous For - serenity, cocktail bars, and so much more

Things To Do - Have a drink at the cocktail bars, sunbathing, take a walk around the beach

11. Plage d’Arcachon

Plage d’Arcachon

There are many things to do in France but a visit to the Plage d’Arcachon has to be a top choice. One of the most famous places to visit in France today, the deep sandy beach has a wide range of facilities and offers an ideal location for visitors to come and enjoy their time here. One can find two piers of the beach flanked at different ends. While the Jetée Thiers is nestled at the western end, the eastern end is called the Jetée turreted casino. Interestingly, the water here is absolutely flat and calm which provides perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling.

As for both the ends of the beach, the western end is where boats cross the water to Cap Ferret while the eastern end is where there is an old-fashioned carousel along with a vintage Big Wheel and casino where travelers love coming. So, what's the delay? Come and witness the wonders of Plage d'Arcachon in France. Spend a happening time on the beach or visit the amazing locations nearby.

Location - Arcachon

Facilities - old-fashioned carousel along with a vintage Big Wheel, casino, etc.

Famous For - old-fashioned carousel, vintage Big Wheel, casino, swimming, snorkeling

Things To Do - Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, etc.  

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12. Plage de Bon Secours

Plage de Bon Secours

Located to the west of St Malo's Walls, Plage de Bon Secours is another paradise that keeps on giving. Renowned for its protected tidal swimming pool, this is a place that is located in close proximity to the Pleurtuit Airport in France. One can head to the beach and enjoy a climb on the diving board or simply wander along the sand without any hassle. The best part about the whole beach is its location. The beach is regarded as one of the most picturesque beaches in France and offers a wide range of Instagram-worthy spots to visitors.

But here's an interesting thing about Plage de Bon Secours, it is one of those places in France that present a completely different picture on stormy days.

During a storm, it easily becomes one of the greatest tidal ranges in the world. Waves coming crashing to the top of the ramparts which makes for an unforgettable sight to watch. So, what's the delay? Come witness the serenity of Plage de Bon Secours in France and be a part of an amazing adventure here.

Location - Plage de Bon Secours is located to the west of St Malo's Walls

Facilities - There are no such facilities to talk about when it comes to Plage de Bon Secours. Travelers can spend time the way they like here.

Famous For - Unique location, Instagram-worthy spots, surfing

Things To Do - Engage in beach sports, surfing, sunbathing, swimming

13. Porquerolles Island Beaches, Hyeres

Porquerolles Island Beaches

Located off the coast of France, Porquerolles Island is a stunningly beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea which stretches to 7 km and boasts of an extremely pleasant sunny climate almost throughout the year. May to June or September to October is considered the best time to visit the island and enjoy various beach activities here. Porquerolles is car-free island hence, renting a bike is the best way to stroll through the island and enjoy pleasant sea breeze. The northern part of the island boasts of many scenic beaches where a great time can be spent with family, friends or your partner.  Plage d'Argent, Plage Notre Dame, Plage du Langoustier, and Plage noire du Langoustier are some of the best beaches to visit on this island.

Location: Hyeres, France

Facilities: Restaurants, resorts, bike rentals

Famous for: Car-free Island, pleasant weather

Things to Do: Stroll through the island on a bike, visit beaches in the north, try Mediterranean cuisine at one of the seaside restaurants

14. Cap Coz, Brittany

Cap Coz, Brittany

One of the most tranquil beaches in France which is never crowded is the Cap Coz in Brittany. Walking along Breton Riviera will lead you to a beautiful rocky coastline with sheltered bays where a great afternoon can be enjoyed on the white sandy beach. There are various resorts, hotels and cafes located in this area which you can visit on your beach trip. Also, the beach is equipped with several water sports, so equipment can be hired easily and thrilling activities can be enjoyed. The beach is also decked up with boats and yachts so a thrilling ride can be enjoyed.

Location: Plage du Cap Coz, 29940, France

Facilities: Restaurants, resorts, cafes, boat/yacht facility

Famous for: Crowd-free beaches, amazing views of the rocky coastline

Things to Do: Enjoy a yacht ride, enjoy a stay in a resort nearby, visit cafes, enjoy thrilling water sports

15. Les Calanques de Cassis, Provence

Les Calanques de Cassis, Provence

Lying along the Mediterranean Sea, Les Calanques de Cassis are small inlets of teal colored water surrounded by limestone rocks offering a scenic landscape. This beach is more famous for its scenic beauty than swimming but myriad of adventures can also be enjoyed here like hiking, scuba diving and rock-climbing. Calanques stretches for around 20 miles and the entire area has been designated a national park. The area has an unusual ecosystem, where the plants grow in limestone rocks rather than soil as there is no soil in the area. May to June is considered the best time to visit Les Calanques de Cassis right before the summer season starts since the weather is just calm and perfect for different activities.

Location: Provence, France

Facilities: Equipment available for different activities

Famous for: Limestone rocks, unusual species of plants, scenic landscape

Things to Do: Hiking, scuba diving and rock-climbing

16. Deauville Beach, Normandy

Deauville Beach,

One of the most famous beaches in France, Deauville Beach stretches a few kilometers from sea to corniche and is most visited by adventure seekers, vacationers and beach lovers. The area has many golden sandy beaches with vibrant colorful umbrellas so visitors can enjoy sunbathing while enjoying the gorgeous views of the coastline. Near the beach, you will also find hotels, restaurants, chic shops and casinos which makes this beach destination in France even more happening and worth a visit. Deauville Beach has been featured in many French movies and is also visited by renowned actors. There are beach cabins available for rent where you can change or take a shower. On the beach side, above the cabins area you will see photographic display of resort.

Location: Normandy, France

Facilities: Cabins, umbrellas, beach chairs, restaurants, shops

Famous for: Adventures, beach activities

Things to Do: Visit the local chic stores, sunbathing on beach chairs, enjoy thrilling adventures

17. Prado Beaches, Marseille

Prado Beaches

One of the best beaches in France with an access to city life are Prado Beaches which is a group of four scenic beaches located along the Mediterranean coast. These beaches are Roucas Blanc beach that houses playground area for children, beach volleyball and tracks for bike ride, Bonneveine beach which is famous for water skiing, Escale Boreley which is known especially for wind surfing and the last one is Plage de la Vieille Chapelle beach. There are vast lawns surrounding the beach where soccer can be played. Roucas Blanc Beach is the first beach when you enter the location near the corniche and a peaceful time can be spent here relaxing on this beach as it comes with sanitary facilities. It is mostly visited by families in the morning while youngsters like to visit this beach in the afternoon.

Location: Marseille, France

Facilities: Children’s playground area, volleyball, bike tracks, soccer area, sanitary facilities

Famous for: Four scenic beaches

Things to Do: Enjoy a bike ride, play soccer, enjoy some beach activities, indulge in water sports

18. Côte de Granit Rose, Brittany

Côte de Granit Rose, Brittany

Probably this is one of the most beautiful beaches in France which has a pinkish sand with stunning granite formations that look spectacular and breathtaking. This beach is the best to click some Instagram-worthy photos due to the scenic beauty of this beach. It is a great place to enjoy long walks and also enjoy birdwatching as exotic species of birds can be seen flying over this beach. The unusual shapes of the rocks here and the texture makes this beach look more alluring and worth-capturing. The rocks here are millions of years old and have taken different shapes like a bell, upside-down bottle, elephant’s foot and various other. Hiking through the pink coast trails here is one of the best things to do here to enjoy nature at its best.

Location: Brittany, France

Facilities: Equipment for different water sports available

Famous for: Granite formations and pinkish sand

Things to Do: Sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding and coasteering

19. Port-Cros, Hyères


It is a French island lying along the Mediterranean Sea, offering picturesque vistas of the surrounding landscape. September is the best time to visit Port-Cros when the weather is ideal and pleasant for all sorts of beach activities. Since, Port-Cros is a marine reserve, activities like snorkeling and scuba diving are strictly prohibited here to preserve the marine life. Out of all the islands in Port-Cros, Porquerolles is considered the biggest and several activities can be enjoyed here like strolling through the town, bike ride and visiting the scenic beaches with golden sand and crystal-clear waters. The island is also home to three vineyards which produces excellent quality of wines.

Location: Hyeres, France

Facilities: Boat rental, bike rental, resorts and restaurants nearby

Famous for: Natural beauty and Port-Cros National Park

Things to Do: Visit the nearby Port-Cros National Park, enjoy bike ride, indulge in different beach activities, enjoy underwater swimming

20. Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy

Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Offering one of the finest views in European Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This magical island attracts tourists from different parts of the world not only for its surreal beauty but also because it is a pilgrimage destination. The abbey is perched on a rocky islet in the middle of huge sandbanks and is the most visited sites in Europe. The surrounding bay of Mont Saint-Michel is a marvel to watch which is home to exotic species of wildlife and also some of the highest tides in entire France. Enjoy a pleasant time exploring the pools here and also enjoy long walks on the sandy beaches while witnessing the scenic landscape all around.

Location: Normandy, France

Facilities: Bike rental, boat ride, pool

Famous for: Abbey perched on a rock, bay of Mont Saint-Michel and exotic species of wildlife

Things to Do: Capture the scenic landscape, witness some of the highest tides in France, witness variety of wildlife

21. Palavas-les-Flots, Montpellier


Located 6 km south of Montpellier, Palavas is a beach resort at the Gulf of Mediterranean and Lion. Stroll through the 7 km long beaches of this charming seaside resort with a canal dotted with vibrant houses and boats. A pleasant time can be spent on the marina of the beach or a cable-car ride over the canal can also be enjoyed for some extra fun. Kayaking, sailing and kitesurfing are the main water sports activities to enjoy on this beach. There is also a building named Phare de la Méditerranée that boasts of a bar and a restaurant offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, nearby lakes and other surrounding vistas. Near the beach, there is also a Levant Park which is an idyllic peaceful place to unwind your body and spend some time in tranquility.

Location: Montpellier, France

Facilities: Equipment available for rent, cable-car ride, resorts and restaurants, boats

Famous for: Charming beach resorts, water sports, rooftop bars and restaurants

Things to Do: Visit Levant Park, enjoy stunning views from Phare de la Méditerranée, indulge in activities like kayaking, sailing and kitesurfing

22. Île de Ré, Bay of Biscay

Île de Ré, Bay of Biscay
Image Credit

Locals call this white island due to the white powdery sand of the beaches found here and also the houses of people nearby are painted in neutral color thus, the island is famous as the white island. The island is nestled off the west coast of France and is known for scenic beaches like Plage de la Conche des Baleines which are decked up with pine trees and dunes. Near the beach, you can visit Phare des Baleines which is a lighthouse from where magnificent views of the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed. The temperature of the water of Île de Ré beaches is generally cool and the island receives light breeze. Walk on the white, soft sandy beaches of this island or indulge in thrilling adventures.

Location: Bay of Biscay, France

Facilities: Bike rentals for exploring the island, hotels and restaurants nearby

Famous for: White, soft sand beaches with dunes and pine trees

Things to Do: Indulge in various water sports, go for long walks around the beach area, capture scenic views

And there you go—a list of our favorite beaches in South France, North, its islands & other areas! Don’t overthink, book yourself a France flight ticket, pack your water sporting equipment & head out for these plages! You can simply lay down a beach towel & sunbathe, or approach the waves with a surfboard if you are feeling adventurous. You can ask your hotel to help you with a picnic basket if with family, or simply binge on snacks from a restrobar if you are a solo traveler. The possibilities are endless, and quite frankly, so are these gorgeous beaches in France!


Q1. Is there a beach in Paris?

There are plenty of worthwhile places to visit in Paris but sadly, sea beaches are not a part of them. The nearest of these are the Trouville & Deauville beaches, some 2 hours away.

Q2. Where should I go in the South of France?

If you are looking for beaches in South France, we would suggest Pampelonne Beach in Saint-Tropez & those in Antibes.

Q3. Can you swim in Nice, France?

We suggest going eastward from Nice, towards Monaco, & to the town of Villefranche-sur-Mer, the crescent beach of which is ideal for swimming, due to the shallow water. Do note, there are no lifeguards though, so unless you are an expert swimmer, we will not recommend it.

Q4. How far is the beach from Paris?

As mentioned above, the nearest beach from Paris is Deauville in Normandy. It is 200 kilometers from the “City of Light” & will take you 2 to 2.5 hours for you to reach.

Q5. What is the closest ocean to France?

The nearest ocean to France is the North Atlantic Ocean, which lies to the west of the country. Also, the Mediterranean Sea is to the south.

Q6. How far is it from Paris to Normandy?

As aforementioned, Normandy is about 200 kilometers or 125 miles from the Eiffel Tower city.

Q7. Where should I go on the coast of France?

Among the highest rated beaches in France are Plage de Palombaggia, Plage de Sylvabelle, Plage de Jean Blanc, Nonza Beach & Plage Cupabia.

Q8. Are there any sandy beaches in Nice, France?

Villefranche, outside of Nice, is a great choice!

Q9. What are some water sports activities to do on the beaches of France?

Some of the thrilling water sports activities to indulge in on the beaches of France are land sailing, kitesurfing, sea-kayaking, diving, snorkeling, canyoning, and rafting.

Q10. Which are some famous beach resorts in France?

Some of the famous beach resorts in France are: 

  • Le Meridien Nice 
  • Hotel Don Cesar & Spa Nuxe 
  • Hotel Face aux Flots 
  • Hotel Barriere Le Gray d'Albion 
  • Residence Dolce Vita de Palombaggia 
  • Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee 
  • Hotel Royal-Riviera 
  • Hotel Le B d'Arcachon 
  • Westminster Hotel & Spa, BW Premier Collection 
Q11. Which is the best time to visit France?

The best time to visit France is either in the spring season (April to June) or fall season (September to November).